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Want school ideas?

Started by Ramona Brie, March 28, 2011, 05:51:23 PM

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Ramona Brie

Anybody out there looking to BAT new-looking public schools? Because if there is somebody, Arizona's School Facilities Board has a 220-page treat:

http://www.azsfb.gov/sfb/photo%20gallery/Photo%20Gallery.pdf (7.6 MB, be warned)

I have some favorites I'd like to see:

-Desert Edge HS (page 1). Modern-looking high schools are in very short supply.
-Centerra Mirage (page 10). The name is pretentious, but the front is useful. It really is a K-8 (sadly, I have no control over the SimCity Unified School District, or there'd be middle schools...).
-Camp Verde Elem. (page 20). Modern-looking elementaries are also in short supply.
-Navarrete Elem. (page 37).
-Basha High School (35) or Perry High (40), built off the same design
-Stetson Hills School (55) and Sierra Verde School (56). K-8 schools in the same district with different flair.
-Marley Park Elementary (69), about as New Urbanist as it gets.
-Anthem K-8 (82).
-Cesar Chavez (88). Something about the dark green roof treatment...
-Desert Ridge HS (95), the ultimate 4-building challenge. Many AZ high schools are more like Desert Ridge than monolithic structures.
-Williams Field HS (112). Put in "2076 South Higley Road Gilbert" on a map for layout. There's another unrelated high school built to the exact same specs as well (p175, Liberty HS).
-Indian Wells (114). May be one of the hardest designs to properly execute though.
-Jack Barnes Elem (178).
-Coatimundi (190), my favorite on this entire page.
-Cienega HS (209) and Empire HS (213), probably designed to match.
-Gila Ridge HS (220).

If anyone wants to start, go ahead...I'd do it if not for the fact that I've never BATted. Ever.