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SimCity 4 Devotion Site Rules (Updated 12 September 2012)

Started by SC4D_Staff, September 12, 2012, 11:32:58 AM

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1.  Coarse, vulgar and hateful language is not permitted, including "masked swearing", acronyms with expletive components, and slurs.  Words edited by the forum's automatic censor may be treated as violations of this rule.  This applies not only to posts and topics, but usernames, signatures, and any other part of a member's profile. 

2.  Sexually explicit or wantonly violent content is strictly prohibited.  Violators are subject to the termination of all membership privileges and site access.

3.  Advertising of commercial services, e.g. spam, is not permitted.

4.  Excessive use of internet slang or "text-messaging language" in posts and topics is strongly discouraged.

5.  Any edit left by a staff member in a member's post may not be removed. If they felt it needed to be seen, they want it to be seen.  Violators are subject to restrictions on posting abilities and possible membership suspension.

6.  The creation of clones, duplicate accounts or "sock puppets" is prohibited, and violators are subject to the termination of all membership privileges and site access.  This prohibition includes the following:

  • circumvention of any existing ban or membership restrictions, including temporary ones.
  • "bumping" threads using other accounts
  • using them to cheat in site competitions
  • circumvention of any other rule in place on the forums

If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot your password?" functionality on the full Login panel of the forums, or contact the site administration.  If you have a desire to change your username, contact the site administration.  Username changes are subject to staff discretion, but are generally granted as long as there are no signs that the privilege is being abused.  If you have created a duplicate account already for one of these circumstances, please notify the site administration to ensure full compliance with this rule.

7.  The use of another member's account is not permitted.  This includes the use of services such as Bugmenot.

8.  The discussion and promotion of piracy is prohibited.  This includes any sort of cracks or "warez". If it looks like a violation of the game's EULA, it probably is, so don't go there.

9.  The BSC Lot Exchange (LEX) is a separate login system, but under the SC4 Devotion umbrella.  Any violations of forum or LEX rules may lead to sanctions on both forum and LEX accounts as applicable.

10.  Downloadable content from the forums and the exchange, including (but not limited to) mods, plugins, prop packs, etc. may not be redistributed without the permission of the original author.  Any user found to be redistributing content without permission (including through torrents or other file-sharing systems) will be subject to termination of all membership privileges and site access. People work hard, for free, to make this stuff. Don't steal it from them.

11.  SC4 Devotion seeks to uphold the End User License Agreement (EULA) of EA Maxis, for SimCity 4 and any first-party tools or patches.  Discussion of any sort of modification or project that would use first or third-party SC4 content in a manner that is contraindicated by the EULA, and/or could potentially damage the salability of SimCity 4 and expose SimCity 4 Devotion and its staff to financial and legal liabilities, is prohibited.

12.  Overt discussion of a political or religious nature is not permitted.  This applies not only to posts and topics, but usernames, signatures, and any other part of a member's profile.  Such topics have their place, but this is a site for a city simulator game. There are other places for political/religious discussion.

13.  Open hostility, unfairly harsh criticism or "flaming" toward other members is prohibited. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but the final word is in the hands of the moderators.

14.  The recommended maximum image size is 1024 pixels wide, to avoid the creation of horizontal scrollbars and maintain site readability for most standard display resolutions.  Wider/larger images are recommended to be linked offsite.  Oversize images are subject to editing or removal by site staff.

15.  Signatures may only contain one image, limited to the dimensions of 300 pixels wide, 50 pixels high, and below a filesize of 100KB.  Signature images exceeding these limits are subject to removal.

16.  Members are expected to keep to discussions on-topic.  Repeated and/or widely divergent off-topic tangents are strongly discouraged, and such tangents are subject to editing or removal by site staff.

17.  Unbecoming discussion about other SC4 fansites, including criticism, gossip, or play-by-plays about their operation is not permitted.  SC4 Devotion is a site about SimCity 4, not other SimCity 4 sites, and if you have concerns relating to these other sites (including matters pertaining to bans, lost passwords, site policies, etc.), please take them up with the respective site's administration.

18.  Unbecoming discussion about SC4 Devotion on other fansites is subject to restriction of posting abilities membership suspension (up to termination and removal of site access in extreme cases).  If you have issues with SC4 Devotion policies, please voice your concerns and complaints via private message to the site administration, rather than airing your grievances publicly on another site.

19. If you have any questions about any of these rules, or whether your intended post or action would conflict with them, please contact a member of the site staff beforehand. It's easier to clear it up before it happens, and site staff are generally quick about responding to questions.

20. Please read the forum rules you will be expected to follow these rules in all areas of the site, including the LEX and SC4 Encyclopaedia, "I didn't know" or "I didn't read them" will not be a sufficient excuse for breaking any of the above rules you will be expected to know them and accept the consequences if you break them.