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NORO Cooperation reference thread

Started by Swordmaster, March 10, 2013, 11:19:33 PM

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Documenting some things here for everyone's reference.


- All plugins are shared through the cloud system (currently Google Drive).
- All new players will need to download this plugins to play the NORO Region. Without having and using this plugins folder you will not be allowed to play.
- Any new plugins must be talked about first in the Plugins Thread and agreed to be added or not by all. At this point only Robin and Noah can actually add new plugins.
- Everyone's plugin folder must be exactly the same as everyone elses at all times, especially while playing.

Using the synced plugins
We will  not use the symbolic link method for now. Copy from Google Drive and paste into your own folder.
- Ideally, the plugins are used through a symbolic link to the Drive folder. This is set up with the command mklink /d <link location> <target folder>. For example:
     mklink /d "C:\Users\Admin\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Synced Plugins" "C:\Users\Admin\Google Drive\NORO\Plugins"
- Copy this code and adjust to your specific folder paths. Run the command prompt (Windows: Start -> Run. . . -> type cmd) and right click -> paste.
- The folder that will appear in your plugins is now a direct link into the Drive folder. Be mindful of this! Removing or adding plugins here directly influences everyone else.

- For Windows XP users, copying the plugins folder is the alternative. However, please do this copy before each playing session.

Playing with a tile

- You can reserve any tile to play with it. You may not own a tile in perpetuity - it's a cooperation.
- When someone has reserved a tile you badly want to edit, you can nudge him or her to release it. Again - cooperation.
- There is no hard time limit on your reservation. However, best practice in this regard is to view your reservation to be as short as your playing session. That means, no overnight reservations please, to speed up swapping around and increase - you know it - cooperation.

Reserving a tile

- To reserve a tile, sign it out in the Sign Out thread and update the NORO tool.
- You may only reserve one tile at a time. To work on another one, release your current one again and reserve the other one. This rule may be suspended for special purposes, after discussion.
- You will only be able to work on your one reserved tile. A radius of two neighboring tiles (inner and outer) has been protected along your reserved tile, but you may not save any of them manually. The inner radius will be saved automatically alongside your main tile; this is how the game deals with neighbor connections and demand. The outer radius has been added to avoid saving conflicts in this regard.

Uploading your saved tiles

- Before publicly stating that you are releasing a tile, you must upload the tiles that have been saved during your session. This includes your primary reserved tile as well as any other in your radius that have been saved. You can check this by looking at the time stamps of the save files.
- Remove the tiles you want to upload from the Drive first. Then upload your modified copies. Do not copy and replace them as this will not allow you to restore accidentally overwritten files from your trash bin.
- It is good practice to check the state of the Region folder in the Drive after uploading. Please put your local Regions/NORO copy somewhere safe and copy the Drive version in its place. Load it up in the game. You can do this with empty plugins folder as you don't need to load any tiles. Just check whether all cities are present and nothing has been blanked.
- A helpful test is to check the number of files in the Regions folder. This should be 251.
- Do not place any other files in the Regions folder other than save files, the config and the region.ini.

Renaming tiles

- It is advised that when you spend considerable time on an unnamed tile, you give it a name of your choosing.
- Given names can be changed after some discussion.
- Name your city as Prefix - Name, for instance Ty - Land's End. Include the space, dash, space for some consistency. This allows proper sorting of the files. Of course, do not remove the prefix.

Playing and planning

- The NORO Region will be played at a pace that is exceptable for all.
- We need to work together as a team and plan all major components as best we can and agree. In the result where we all do not agree only Robin and Noah will have the last word. Once a plan is in place we all must conform to this plan as best we can. If the plan is not being followed it is up to Robin and Noah to bring it back to where it needs to be by any means necessary.
- Major items such as transportation or changing the characteristics of a tile must be talked about and planned first.
- Anything else will be considered Minor play, which can be done by anyone at any time as long as the tile is not already signed out by anyone else. Such as building the area up as planned.

If this is too much for you and you cannot agree with all of the above, then possibly The NORO Cooperation is not for you.