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NORO Team Roster

Started by rooker1, May 14, 2013, 11:31:23 AM

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Know your NORO Team!
Here you can read about the backgrounds, interests, and role within the NORO team of all our members. As new members are added we will update this and here you all can welcome them.

Robin is the one who first thought of our MD Co-op project and Robin's personal MD, Mindscape, has been in the SC4D Mayor's Diary Hall of Fame since 2008. Robin is also known for participation on teams including the BSC, the NUTS, RAM, and 3RR as well as being a site Administrator. Robin's best known playing styles are likely grungy industrial neighborhoods and an emphasis on railroads. But he has a variety of styles and interests and is increasingly focusing on rural and natural aspects of the game. Robin's work for the team includes creation of and responsibility for the shared plugins folder, full playing access to the region, and active participation in the various planning and showcasing threads of the NORO board.

Noah was the first member Robin confronted about the MD Co-op idea and this is how the NORO name was born; NOah and RObin. He's well known as one of the most prolific MD'ers of SC4Devotion; his MD Siilijoki has become a byword for quality and style. Its induction in the Hall of Fame in 2012 has allowed him to delve into a number of side-projects such as this one, but also including forays into modding as a NAM and NUTs member. Furthermore he's a moderator of several subforums and has mostly become part of the furniture at SC4D. He has full NORO access as well.

Willy is a NAM, RAM and NUTS team member and authors the excellent Port St Claire MD. Though gifted at a wide range of city building styles he is perhaps best known for his rail networks, whose infamous realism is informed from a career as a railroad engineer. Both proficient at a variety of modding and eager to share his knowledge, Willy has written a number of tutorials lent his technical expertise to the NORO cause repeatedly. Willy also has full playing access.

One of the great programmers of the SC4 world, Stéphane authored the Terraformer, Mapper, Datpacker, Cleanitol, and PIM-X among other things. So indispensable are his contributions to the community that The Legend of Wouanagaine grew up around him. Wouanagaine is a member of the BSC and NHP and is a Global Moderator at SC4D. He created the NORO Tool, the primary component of our check-out system for playing, and is our overall technical expert in addition to having playing access.

Arne is perhaps best known for his extensive work with train, tram, and even boat automata and under his VDK label he's created a great variety of exciting BATs as well, often involving rail. He is a member of the NUTS, the NAM team, the BSC, and the AC Team. Arne's role within the NORO Cooperative is as our automata expert and he's been prolifically creating the highest quality trains custom-made for our project.

Joan is an SC4D Administrator and has worked tirelessly behind the scenes at everything from offering a friendly welcome to new members to defending against the relentless scourge of the spambots to OSITM committee work and a lot of things in between. She is a leader of the NUTS team, a LEX Scrutineer and a 3RR team member. Additionally Joan is a very talented BATter, authored an MD called Wildcat Junction and is rumored to be developing a new MD. One of our newest members, Joan has already been a helpful voice and begun work on NORO logos.

Guglielmo is a long-time and active participant in a number of areas of SC4D, particularly NAM development and other transport-related topics. His work can be seen around the "Show Us Your..." threads and he's quick to offer assistance, ideas, and feedback to others. A talented transit builder in his own right, Guglielmo has joined NORO in an advisory role.

One of SC4D's top electricity enthusiasts, metarvo has joined the team as our power expert. Metarvo Steps Up to BAT is the place to go to see excellent electrical BAT projects take shape. In addition to BATting and his wealth of electricity knowledge he is a 3RR Team Member. Metarvo's help should ensure we're able to build the best and most realistic power grid possible.

Perhaps best known for his prolific work on the NAM team, Maarten's other contributions to the SC4 community include high quality road detailing work like the Light Replacement Mod, the Stoplight Replacement Mod, and numerous sign sets; as well as texture replacement mods, automata, and more conventional BATting. His popular MD Maarten's Regions, also known as Imaginia & Schellingen Stadt, is a Best Seller. Maarten is also a LEX Scrutineer and a member of the BeNeLux team. He joins us as a playing member.

The author of the Best-Selling MD Eloaria, Arnau's unique style of Mediterranean city-building is made possible only by his almost unequaled prowess as a lotter. He stands out for his ability in creating hillsides and countrysides and we're fortunate to have him applying his talents to NORO as a playing member.

One of the NAM's masterminds, Markus joined us in an advisory role a few months back. His most famous creations include Diagonal Bridges, El-rail-over-Avenue, and the holy grail of RHW: the fully draggable 4-level stack interchange with 3-level crossings. As an avid programmer he has created a number of tools to aid in custom content development that are now impossible to imagine living without.

Matt's contributed to a number of projects over the years and is a NAM, NUTS, BSC, and 3RR member in addition to being an SC4D Administrator whose prolific behind the scenes efforts have helped make SC4D the site it is today. He's perhaps best known for his bridge and tunnel contributions as well his the famous Classic Greenacre MD. Matt has joined us in an advisory role.

Arthur is a legend of the SC4D community, long being one of the most visible staff here while he served as referee to the Picture Competition, and his mayor's diary ranks near the top of the most popular of all time. Best known now for his Japanese style, he's shown fantastic ability at Soviet and European cities as well. His bats are among the best of their kind and his experience working at airports adds expertise to his efforts in that area. Arthur joins us with full playing rights.

reddonquixote is among the best 3D modellers and batters the SC4 community has ever known and has been collaborating with Noah on the RealLightRail project for quite some time, offering expertise gleaned from living in the city with the world's most extensive tram network in addition to his fantastic tram stop models. He's offered his assistance with other NORO BAT projects as well and is an exciting addition to our team.

From roads to rails and catenaries to bridges, Stephen's work is as prolific as it is varied. Eager to help and quick to learn he's already contributing to the group, having taken on a large infrastructure project.

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I've updated and reformatted the list here as well as unlocked the topic. Not sure why it was ever locked in the first place, as Robin's initial comments mention welcoming new members, but I guess life is full of mysteries  :D  Please feel free to offer our newer members a warm welcome :)