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NORO Plugins Discussion

Started by noahclem, November 13, 2014, 06:03:36 AM

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This is to be a public version of our thread discussing plugins for the region. Feel free to make suggestions for us here or to ask questions.

The immediate impetus for this thread is an impending reorganization of our shared plugins that will incorporate all the recent additions and changes Maarten and I have made.

The current organization has folders within the main folder of:
~RVT TunnelMod
Modds General
Modds T21
Network Addon Mod
more "Z_" folders with mods needing to load later
temporarily organized folders and files

The folders with growable lots have sub-folders for each stage within them

My more recent plugins folders, for New Siilijoki and Selous, are similar in organization but with an "Lots RCI & Landmark" with all the regular buildings in it (the ones not in the "Lots Civic & Utility", "Lots Nautical", "Lots Parks walls etc", or "Lots Transit" folders) all sorted within sub-folders by author. In most cases the occompanying model and description are kept with the lot file. Also my newer ones have one "z_mods" folder for all mods needing to load late other than terrain mod, slope mod, and z__NAM and other minor changes.

I know Willy kept his lots and models separate in his personal plugins and while I like the idea I'm not yet convinced it's worth the effort.

So now the point:

What are your thoughts on these organizations? How do you recommend I reorganize them? Other ideas? Your help is much appreciated!


Any particular reason why terrain and tree controller are separate? I've put these together in a so-called 'core' folder, which contains the bare necessities to open any, apart from flora otherwise empty tile. Granted over time I've also added a metric sh*tton of (dat-packed) MMPs, plus Xannepan's fauna & poseidon mod to this folder, so it's no longer just bare necessities I guess. On the other hand I've got everything on hand for when I come across a nice vista and inspiration strikes.  ()stsfd()

Anyway, I also have a 'core misc' folder alongside where I keep alternate sets of terrain materials used in various parts of the region (e.g. lake), in addition to other tree controllers and a bunch of shadow & wave mods, for picture taking and such.

Other than that I don't think my current plugins management is very applicable since I do all lotting myself and don't have all that much content in use anyway. Though I'm rather pleased with it because it's finally both flexible and robust, albeit somewhat redundant in nature. I do try to keep models and lots together, though it can be tricky when it comes to prop packs.  :-\
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