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NORO's Tommy Bartlett Project

Started by noahclem, May 11, 2015, 05:31:36 AM

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Posting an old picture of me water skiing recently reminded me of a project for SimCity I've been wanting to do for many years: recreate a large water ski show, similar to Tommy Batlett's Thrill Show where I worked from 2006-2008. Here is the location of the show site on Google Maps, apparently shown during preparation for the summer season (boat lifts in but jumps not yet set up). My hope for recreating would be to get help finding suitable bats for trailers, boats, sheds, docks etc and, if I'm spectacularly lucky, to get someone interested in batting the amphitheater and perhaps other things like jumps, buildings etc. What I hope to create wouldn't be a replica of Tommy Bartlett's but something in the same spirit, a big, wooded ski and stage show on a nice lake, perhaps with other tourist attraction in the same area, such as water and amusement parks. I put together more information about Bartlett's below:

Here are some maps with labels:

View of the boats at the ski dock:

From right to left: jump boat (1 of 4), Tow 1 (6.6L ~450HP inboard), Tow 2 (5.7L ~350HP inboard), Pickup Boat (Tow 4, 200HP outboard), Pirate Boat, Girls' boat (Tow 3, 225HP outboard), Wakeboard boat (Tow 5, 5.7L 350HP inboard), Race boat (300HP outboard, ultra-light fiberglass body), gas pumps

View of amphitheater from ski dock (orange fence in place outside of show times to less duck poo problems):

View of ski dock from amphitheater:

View of 5' jump (right), 6' jump (left), clown island (center), set barge (background right), and laser barge (background left)

Ski dock with locker rooms etc on left and boat docks in background:

Wheel act (2nd half of show, not ski-related)

Closer view of the set barge with ski team arranged for yearly pictures and main stage in foreground:

View of amphitheater from lush boat anchored just behind the stage during juggling act:

Would be awesome to have the lush boat batted :D

The obligatory clown picture (yes, me) with 6' jump and clown's island in the background:

Know any content that could help me with this project? See anything that looks interesting to bat? Have any other comments or feedback? Let me know!  ;D


Looks like a great project.

It do remind me of the rowing stadium that I use use to live next to. (Having a look out over the lake in the end where the start was.
A look down the lanes from the starts:

Red marks the lanes, cyan the spectator stands, blue the club house, boat house ect.
Red dot, where I lived.

The start:

Red lines marks the lanes.

On google maps the buoys marking of the lanes are not very visible.
The rowing stadium is not very up to date. There is plan to update the facilities.

I use to go kayaking around this lake and the lakes and stream connected to it.

Not sure if this a kayak or a canoe in English, in Danish this a Kajak.