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Started by atomate, September 27, 2015, 08:46:36 AM

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Good afternoon,

the game uses predefined means of transport. One major mod in this respect is the HSRP, which is really nice btw! I wonder about something similar but yet entirely different. Take the ferry for example; dismiss it and use that channel to propose another type of vehicle.

What I have in mind is this: a fully functioning high end heliport.

I have no idea about lotting or creating a bat, I hardly find it possible to mod some basic changes and I guess one would have to change quite a bit and spend nights designing in order to set this up. One would need a starting and landing heli prop if I understand correctly, a heliport lot and the correct overall exemplar setting.

It is probably quite ambitious. Could it be done? You know, just asking.


You mean something like this? Note you need AC functional airports for them to work.
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Hallo! Exuse my ignorance: maybe. I will check it out.

What I think of is using the egine of the ferry terminal but completely redesign it. Means no ferry at all but flying Helicopters.

These posh services do exist throughout the world, some CEO might land on top of the companies Headquarters.

So, I wonder about a ploppable lot,placed into R$$$ and CO$$$ areas, connecting them. Like any means of transport.

The ferry service comes to my mind since it connects exactly two points. But in this case you would not have ferries on water but Helis in the sky. Anything about the ferries would be removed but the Heliport's statistics would be listed as the ferry service.

The HSRP uses that method. It is basically the monorail in a different cloth. That is what I mean by the using the engine of the ferry service. Thus, use it but call them helicopter and have them fly from heliport to heliport.

I've looked at the AC functional airports but I couldn't figure out how they work, I'll try that again. I don't know if they're meeting the proposed criteria.


Ah yes I see what you mean. Unfortunately in SC4 airports do not actually transport sims, their main function is to provide a boost to commerce.

It's an interesting idea to utilize the ferries as heli service, however, ferries require water to function and I don't think it's possible to change it so they'd use the sky. Especially since there's nothing in the game files even remotely related to a means of air travel. 

I think the closest you could get to emulating a heliport service is if you make a metro station, lot it as an heliport and connect two of them underground.
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... and connect the heliport with a subway tube  :D Fair enough, you're right. It was just an idea, you know, ferries actually do have a propeller, just beef that up and have them fly around... ok then, maybe not.

Nice, the AC fa is cool!


Quote from: atomate on September 27, 2015, 12:08:56 PM
It was just an idea, you know, ferries actually do have a propeller, just beef that up and have them fly around... ok then, maybe not.

something like this?  :D

it's neither plane or boat, but a so-called ground effect vehicle. And it'd be really cool if someone would make this as ferry automata btw.
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Well, that design would ensure for a safe ride anyways. Effect vehicle... i could do well without certain effects.

Just wondering, do you know where all these geeks get their airports from? I've looked at the ac fa, as said, it's cool. Quite a few people around here sport these huge airport made of independent parts. The AC fa is a little different. I am too slack to post a link... sorry. You know what I mean? I'll look for an example.


I wonder about something like that:


whereas that is quite ambitious...

anyways, i am glad that i was for once understood with my heliport in the making...


Those are RMIP plugins. I've never understand fully their notation, but it's a lot of files (downloadable here in the LEX) and those custom airports are basically done piece by piece.

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