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Started by noahclem, February 02, 2016, 06:17:20 PM

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Yes, when installing the BAT4MAX (run the script) the GMAX must be in the default folder. C:\GMAX Then you get HD plugin to GMAX.

I think that there is a separate HD plugin for GMAX, as I was using HD before 3DS MAX, but I can' t remember where that is available.

HD Xannepan is an interesting idea, but it may required lot of work. I would say that the textures would need adjustment now that everything is so much clearer.

I am a fan of the HD, but lately became a little bit sceptical on it. If I play the game, then level 5 zoom is more important. And major usermade landmarks are SD because of their size. That means that a HD building next to a landmark will look ugly.


The plugin for HD export in SC4 Bat is also BAT4Max, you can use it without 3DS max if you so desire.

Some items do get away with being SD better than others, as long as you don't stop making HD content, I won't hold it against you :P.