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Modified lot does not appear ingame

Started by Ralfger, April 04, 2023, 08:11:21 AM

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I have extended and modified a lot (Jestarrs great Sugar Warehouse - a landmark with jobs) in PIM, but it does not appear ingame nor can it be opened in other tools like LEProp. Does anyone know how to solve it? Thanks a lot!  ()what()


To be clear, the lot was working before you made changes in PIM-X, now it no longer appears right?

That is the sort of thing that happens when files get corrupted, but I don't know why that would happen using PIM-X. Perhaps there is just some small error that's crept in somewhere. If you could attach a copy of the modified file, we could take a look to try and see what's what.


That's right, the original lot works fine.
The same problem with a lot no longer showing up happened to me with another case, too. In both cases, I enlarged a lamdmark with jobs in the LotEditor, then shaped it using PIM-X.
Is there a fundamental incompatibility?
In the first case, I have created a new neutral lot in the meantime and taken over the building as a prop.


Most likely, something got screwed up with the IDs and/or the properties that define the type of the lot. A "landmark with jobs" is something that doesn't exist in the game (landmarks do provide civic jobs, but not commercial or industrial jobs), but with the right set of properties, you can create such a thing with the Reader or PIM-X. The Lot Editor (and probably LEProp as well) will screw up such lots, because those only can handle "basic" lots. It's even worse with reward lots, those cannot be edited with the Lot Editor at all.

The best approach with such lots would be to load them with PIM-X and use the built-in Lot Editor to modify the existing lot. It's a bit unintuitive, since it doesn't have much of a graphic UI, so you need to know the shortcuts for the various tools, but most likely, it won't destroy the existing properties upon saving the file. Also, it's better to avoid the "building as prop" approach and rather use the original model, dragging it to the proper building type in PIM-X, and then create a new lot for it.