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Buddybuds Expansive Attempts at Anything & Everything.

Started by buddybud, November 12, 2007, 03:22:54 AM

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Quote from: Shadow Assassin on March 19, 2012, 07:44:29 AM
Very nice, buddybud... but I have a question... how will this interact with GLR? What's your plans for that in addition to your El-Rail project?

Thanks. With regards to the glr, I've yet to add any components. Essentially the only pieces i would need to  alter would be the glr-el ramp, to match the skin or style of my el. I don't see any other pieces that need to be modded, besides adding the skin to the el/glr intersections. Though honestly i haven't played with the latest incarnations of nam and haven't explored any additional puzzle pieces that have been added in the last couple builds. Nam is the next big step so if you got any suggestion, advice or anything more specific just drop me a line. Also I'm not sure if i even answered your question! Let me know if you want more detail about a specific aspect of the puzzle pieces!

RickD: Thanks!



NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


Quote from: mightygoose on March 26, 2012, 11:48:54 AM
this still needs finishing XD

lol....ya even with all the work in the last couple months it's still really just at a testing level. I've been lazy the last week and did nothing but needed to step away. Atleast with the beta out there some form exists now and peeps can actually see the progress. But ya....you are so right :P



Very impressive, I look forward to use your creation  :)


Amazing work.  Following these threads blow my mind.  I could never have the patience to create and tweak the game myself.  I just rely on others to provide great content.


Quote from: buddybud on March 26, 2012, 02:49:37 PM
Quote from: mightygoose on March 26, 2012, 11:48:54 AM

Packersfan I dont know if you noticed but the last time Buddybud was active here was back on March 26th, rule of thumb is asked not to post in a thread older then 90 days... There should have been a Red warning before you posted saying this thread hasnt been posted in for 90 days... Its great you are enjoying what others create and thank you for the support but please be mindful in not waking up sleeping threads ~ thanks Patrick

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