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Thingfishs is having a B.A.T Downunder (wanna take a look)

Started by thingfishs, November 11, 2009, 11:33:22 PM

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Thanks again Tim,

I appreciate your thoughts on the subjectivity of the concept of a "streamlined" process, and you're absolutely right.
As it happens, I am comfortable now with the workflow that I've ended up with. More to the point, it turns out there were actually two simultaneous issues which made diagnosis much trickier. Yes, it does seem a lot file likely became corrupt and I kept reusing it, ending up with 15 odd corrupt files. So I'm glad that was discovered and with my new workflow such an issue, I think, would be an impossibility).

, and this may be my biggest blonde moment in the game yet (but there's been a few contenders ::)), it turns out that my first round of lots that I thought were being cancelled out BuildingPlop actually weren't. I haven't used BuildingPlop much as a player, (I'm very much a grower not a plopper), so this is probably a rookie mistake - but 9.5 times out of 10 when I checked on my buildings I could see both the 1x1 & 1X2 options. Every so often there would only seem to be a 1X2. But as I've eventually discovered, in those situations it's because it's hidden from view in the graphic - scroll up and voila!  &ops
While it might be tempting to keep this one to myself, it was really bugging me and caused many hours of unnecessary work - and if I can help someone else in the same situation...
Also, this version three will be a far superior product to that which could have been released so for that I am glad and I have a better workflow now so there should be less issues in the future - thanks a lot for your assistance.  :thumbsup:

Quote from: twalsh102 on May 19, 2017, 08:19:11 AM
The following is what I think I've read in / intuited from your various posts:
1.  You've got separate .SC4Model files for each of 20 different buildings.
2.  Using PIM-X, you've created 20 separate .SC4Lot files (of whichever size you created first). 
3.  You would have then needed to create building exemplars for each lot in order to change the fill level of each building exemplar.  So you've now got 20 separate .SC4Desc files with appropriate fill levels.
4.  Your goal is to create 1x1 and 1x2 Lot versions for each building.

How far off the mark am I at this point?

Yes, that's all spot on. I now have forty lots, all with adjusted filling degrees, all created individually - initially via PIM-X with the lot work done in the  LE. You're right again regarding another subjective term: intuitive. To be honest, I've never really given the PIM-X LE a proper go. I was already used to the  one so just the layout, separate work spaces, different hotkeys etc. with it were enough to put me off. I'm not actually aware of what makes it "a better LE" (grids/snapping rings a bell though)- but if it was worth the transition I'd probably give it a go.

I'm also now considering doing some of these (maybe five or ten of them) as a 1X3 lot with a dodgy little backyard. This is a quick mock-up using Maxis textures and flora:

Does anyone have any thoughts on these? I figure the more variety in LW the better). I'm aware of fence mods - should I be adding a fence to the lots or letting it be done automatically? Also, should the default foundation threshold/elevation change settings be adjusted?

And before this turns into a novel, just some proof that I have been doing something. I was originally using about five deps. but with the prop making I've been doing I'll be able to get that down to two I reckon). Here's an example:

P.S.: Actually there is one more thing. Something unexpected happened this evening while I was making props. After finishing a new model and bringing it into the LE it was a different prop that I had created days earlier. Then the next one I made was yet another prop I had made earlier.  ()what() I was able to work out that the instance number of the two models were the same and that it seemed BAT4MAX was naming them sequentially (e.g. 0x80000 - 0x90000) This could cause chaos - why are these numbers repeating?? Is it because I reinstalled BAT4MAX and it refreshed it's order? (EDIT: this problem was solved thanks to simmer2!)

Sorry for the long post, but there's a bit to get your head around in this game,
Cheers :thumbsup:



this is a new one, in tribute to my recently departed, and beloved, step-father Nick. It started out as his home but has mutated into an Australian pub (something I've long wanted in the game). Any thoughts on dimensions/scale etc (I've been staring for too long), or anything else?



Maybe you could post a few picture of the RL building ?
Its hard to help you with dimensions without.

For height (from top floor to top floor, in general I use everything from 3.5 to 5 meters.


@thingfishs That is very nice  :thumbsup: I tend to think that the balcony railings are a little bit too high compared to the doors and windows, but I agree with @vester, without a RL image it's hard to make a valid judgment.


You could post a real life pic as others have suggested, but when I take artistic license - as you are here - I usually just keep basic building codes in the back of my mind.

EG: Balcony railings are generally 1.2m from the ground (which is approx. 1.5m in SC4); for small buildings such as this I tend to keep the floor heights around 4.5-4.8m in game. But otherwise it's a good start, and pubs are definitely needed  :thumbsup:


Thanks for your thoughts everyone.  :thumbsup:

As far as a real life picture goes, that's a tricky one. Like Matt suggested, this is not a recreation exactly - I started out making Nick's place but have gone "off book", (to quote an excellent TV show: Community). So you'll have to judge this one without reference - I just hope that it looks proportionately (and otherwise) realistic/"SC4istic".

I will get my head around your respective thoughts (Vester & Matt) on numbers/measurements; I'm a very visual person: I'll work from a measurement for the initial wall or frame of reference, but from then on it's mostly done visually; but I'm not incapable of change... ;).

Krasner: You were absolutely right on the railing height (thanks) - hopefully I have got it right this time:



Neat! Maybe the railing is still just a tad too high, but that might be just me. Still, a lot better than in the first picture already.  :)

When I model, I usually stick to RL dimensions as close as possible (although some smaller details need to be overdone for a good in game effect), but for a finish I use to scale x- and y- dimensions up for ~10% and along z-axis even up to 65% sometimes, since 5 modeled meters will turn out as 3 meters in height in the render.


The new railing looks a lot better in my opinion. :thumbsup: I'd personally be tempted to stretch the first floor a bit so you could see a little more of the windows and doors and more quickly/easily tell its a 2 story building with a second floor balcony, but that's just me, and it depends on what kind of a look you want the building to have, etc


I agree with C.P. - it does look a bit squished, especially the first floor.  Otherwise, great work!  :thumbsup:


Thanks for your thoughts everyone  :thumbsup:

I've been tied up in RL, but have had a bit more of a go at it this evening. I have stretched it so as to see more of the ground floor (I think you were both right in it looking a bit squished - but now I think I may have taken it too far...?).

Also I have begun the texturing process, but there's a long way to go. I'm still not happy with most of them - especially my old "friend", the corrugated iron roof. But it's been years since I've done any proper texturing so I'll be patient with it until I've got what I'm after (some re-reading of the basics will clearly be required). I'll probably make two versions of it with another type of roof and wall texture:



Really nice ! Stretching is just-below-the-too-much, in other words it's good and measured (imo) :thumbsup:


Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.


Thanks Krasner and reddonquixote. :thumbsup:

After you've stared at these things for hours it can become hard to tell sometimes how proportions are looking.

It's much closer to what I'm after (texture wise) - but now I need some other people's eyes and expertise...

Cheers  :thumbsup:


I'm still looking for your Winery!!??!!  Is it here anywhere?? :) :)


Thanks for the interest in the winery 911Diva; it was quite a labor of love going back some seven years...

It can be found here: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/25351-shottesbrooke-winery/

(There may be a regular growable version on the way as well...)



Things old mate!

first time here for about 4 years and look who dropped in.