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January 26, 2022, 05:21:49 AM

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Author Topic: CAM - Available as a Torrent or Elsewhere?  (Read 22723 times)

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Offline RippleJet

CAM - Available as a Torrent or Elsewhere?
« on: December 09, 2007, 05:25:10 PM »
Despite being told not to, an ex-member of this site recently decided to upload the CAM, most CAMeLots and over 500 MB worth of dependencies and megapacks as a torrent file.

Virtually every upload on the BSC LEX and elsewhere is uploaded under a license agreement in one of the forms quoted below:

You may use these objects FREE provided that you do not SELL or DISTRIBUTE the MODEL Files ... you must point your users to the MODEL File package.

Person/Team X has copyrights on these objects and you may use them but not modify the Model Files or Distribute the Model Files. You must point your users of your creations to this file for the MODELS.

Even if no reference to a license or copyright is included, it is also a common understanding within the SC4 Community that model files may not be distributed without asking the creator for permission.

We have thoroughly examined the package that was uploaded as a torrent file and have noticed a few issues; there are files copyrighted by Maxis/EA included, there are model files missing (which will lead to brown boxes), and there are a number of superfluous files included.

Naturally, we take no responsibility for faulty or incomplete material distributed this way and neither can nor will provide any support for issues arising from it.

The only official source to download the CAM and most CAMeLots is the BSC LEX and the official support is given on this board and site.

Anyone else considering to distribute copyrighted material as a torrent file or on another site, will face the same fate as the member mentioned above.