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RTMT and custom sidewalks

Started by MaximePenen, January 25, 2010, 12:14:31 PM

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Probably a silly question (or one that's been asked before)... Is there any mod/option that makes the RTMT stops compatible with custom sidewalks? ATM, I'm using the SYM Productions Sandstone Sidewalks, and the tiles where RTMT stations are plopped use the default maxis sidewalks.

Anything I can do?



You can change the base texture of the lots using Lot Editor :)
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Actually this requires making a custom texture set (the lots can be the same).


Bugger, I expected that :p
Ah well, a good excuse to dive into modding I guess. Hehe.


I've actually created a sandstone styled texture mod for the RTMT V3.5/3.6 as part of my GLR conversion mod.  It's currently in the candidacy hopper for the LEX. 


Battlecat:  Very cool.  Hope to be able to download it in the near future.


Well, I use the PEG Sidewalk Mod and it works normally...