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Help for SSPTool, for a n e w b

Started by usfwoody, August 18, 2010, 05:43:08 AM

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I downloaded and installed the SSPTool and the DAMN plugin for it, but it appears that nothing happened.  The SSPTool screen is blank, it doesn't show anything.  I made sure to identify the game directory and plugin directory, and still nothing.  I will include a screen shot if necessary later (at work now, so it'll be a while).  On top of all that, still no DAMN menus.  When I did install the SSPTool, I was presented with another set of DAMN folders and indexer and support files and so on, and I put those into the original DAMN Root/Support file.  It didn't seem to do anything other than make the news panel much bigger.

Is there a tutorial on how to setup DAMN menus with the SSPTool?  To my uninitiated mind it seems that the help guides on-line and the read-me are as follows:

Step 1, install
Step 2, identify game/plugin menus
Step 3,
Step 4, DAMN menus and profit!

I still have a great deal to learn about the modding tools that you guys have put so much effort in, and I would like to use those tools to make the game more enjoyable, so any help you guys can offer would be enormously appreciated.  Thanks!


What operating system are you using?  If you have Windows Vista or 7, you need to add permissions to the \Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins folder.  The Users group must have Full Control for DAMN to work properly.

Also, can you confirm which version of SSPTool and DAMN Plugin you are using?  They were updated recently, so be sure you have the latest.

Lastly, while the SSPTool program is running, there should be a minimized command line window on your taskbar.  If you open this, it may show you an error message if something is really wrong with SSPTool itself.

You should post these additional details and a screenshot into the SSPTool thread for support.  This will ensure that someone knowledgeable about SSPTool will see your problem.


Thank you for the replay ScottFTL.  I will look in the permissions issue when I get home( I do have Win 7).  I believe I am using the latest versions of the DAMN and SSPTool, as I just downloaded them for the first time, so I hope that would lend them towards being up to date, but I will check.

I will definitely move this on over to the support thread, with screen shots and everything.  Thanks!