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Road Top Mass Transit textures look like this? (Big image)

Started by Davidies, May 01, 2013, 05:38:28 AM

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This is not funny! Is it an error?

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Those lovely boxes mean you are missing a dependency.  I don't know which RTMT files you have installed, so can't help you with what you're missing, but check the readme for the download and make sure you have all the dependencies it lists.


I went trough this project today (again...) and RTMT has only one dependency for prop-family bus stops: SimGoober's Suburban Bus Stop Set in STEX.


Can you link to the set you have downloaded that isn't working?


Catty from the RTMT Team here, I'll shift you over to the RTMT support board after work in the meantime I would check your dependencies as recommended in the previous posts by Diggis and Reform

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