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RTMT version 4.0

Started by b22rian, July 14, 2017, 02:01:26 PM

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Indeed this is how the bus shelters in London / UK are commonly positioned, when close to a road, I believe it serves two purposes. Safety, since if a car mounted the pavement, the bus shelter would provide some protection. Likewise, a car driving through a puddle probably wouldn't splash everyone at the bus stop. I would hazard a guess too, that the more cramped pavements in the UK, especially places like London, are a key reason behind this design.

But indeed, this effect comes from rotating the UK Prop 180°, so all other Bus Shelters (including any existing UK ones), are completely unaffected.


quite curious to find out if rtmt v4 actually exists yet!


Quote from: ramsey on September 02, 2020, 08:45:42 AM
quite curious to find out if rtmt v4 actually exists yet!

Hi Ramsey!

RTMT v4 is still under development. As a publishable version, it does NOT exist currently, but when it will be ready, it will be released for the public. Sooner or later. Sadly RL and other commitments mean a bit bigger roadblock on this one, as we thought.

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Ah cool, I just wondered since the thread ended a couple years ago if it had been finished and distributed in some other way.  it's been several years since I had a working sc4 plugins folder and I'm showing the kids how much more fun sc4 is than the newer origin version of simcity.