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The RTMT V3 Support Thread

Started by z, September 10, 2008, 07:43:03 PM

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As for station capacity, the higher one is recommended I think. This is because of a bug in Maxis' code that causes station performance to remain at 100% until a hard cap is reached (somewhere around 400% capacity),at which point the station just stops functioning completely. The "increased wait times" is cosmetic only, so lower capacity stations don't make you monitor your transit networks better they just stop them from working, which is not desirable as on a road-top station  this will also prevent additional traffic from moving through the road.
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Quote from: Zeratai on June 22, 2015, 09:44:10 AM
Thanks for the replies. I think RTMT works fine. I also downloaded the addon (v3.6)... my major concern were the plugins for capacity, as I have the CAM installed, I supposed I should've left the one that said CAM Capacity, but on the readme said that only High or Low capacity NAM plugin should be left alone in the folder. So, which is the good one?

Also I have the big blue station but dont like it. I would rather have a more smaller style of station. My question is if I only have to modify the "props" folder in order to achieve what I want? and How many files (aprox.) I should have in the props folder?, because I'm afraid of deleting one or have two of the same prop causing somekind of conflict. (i.e. 2 station files or phoneboot)

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the help.

I agree with APSMS about the higher capacity- CAM takes construction levels above to level 10 margin, and therefor an increase in capacity is the best option.
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Hi, first of all thank you for all the support given in this community. Second I managed to get same RTMT models in my cities through a lot of investigation about the RTMT folder setupo and your help. Third, I have a question regarding "subway exits... why is there a picture of the prop and model and when placing RTMT subway stations. there is only entrance for subway... I've never seen an exit.

PS Sorry for my english... :)


Quote from: Zeratai on August 23, 2015, 01:03:13 PM
....Third, I have a question regarding "subway exits... why is there a picture of the prop and model and when placing RTMT subway stations. there is only entrance for subway... I've never seen an exit...

Hello Zeratai

Once a RTMT subway station is connected to another station via a subway line it becomes not only the entrance but the exit as well, once the sims start using it you should them coming and going   :)

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Good day to all!
I ran into two problems, I thought I could solve, but was confused and asking for your help.

1. Incorrect texture of asphalt at the bus stops for the streets and roads, and at the bus stop in the two cells texture right.

2. At the stops "Tram on Road" and "Tram in Road" no bus stops, but stops for SAM and "El Rail over Road/Street" - boxes appear.

Another says that is not enough plugins 211660768, 211660773, 211660775, 211660777, 211660784, 211660789, 211660794, 211660834 and 211660851.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I believe the first issue might be related to Magneto's mod, some of the RTMT overrides don't work correctly. Sorry I'm mixing things up, I've just checked and the files seem fine. In which case I'm stumped really as to the cause. If you remove the files for RTMT from Magneto's Mod, does the problem go away?

The second issue is that you are missing models from RTMT's installation. I couldn't say which ones, since it depends on which prop files you've selected during install. Refer to the readme for a full list of dependencies needed.


If I don't remember wrong, those (1st image) are swapped FSHs on Magneto's package, so it can be fix with the reader. All other things look like missed dependencies.

Maybe renaming plugins folder and trying with only RTMT, then only Magneto's mod and then mixing? Preferably on a new city tile

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Many thanks! The boxes have disappeared. Due to the complexity of the installation, apparently removed as it seemed to me unnecessary models.
But the texture of asphalt and left - the road on the street, a street on the road, and without marking; even after removal of the RTMT files in SLA.

P.S. Deleted SLA folder and all was well.

P.S.S. And how to make them compatible?


Easiest solution, load the attached file after Moonlights Mod, it should fix things.

Note: These were specially made with SV Grass textures and SLA Paving, so they won't be for everyone.


mgb204, you are incredibly sympathetic person and helped me in many ways. I really appreciate it.
I downloaded a file that you have provided. I put it in the root of the plug-ins folder, and the folder "z ___ NAM", and in the folder "z____Super Light Asphalt Mod (sandstone)". He renamed it "zzzzRTMT_CustomTextures.dat" to boot after "zzz___ML Side Walk Texture Super Light asphalt.dat"...

I'm sorry, but this method did not work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?  :crytissue:


It's a load order thing, an override of Magneto's mod, must be placed after it to work. If you drop it in the z____MGB Mods folder, you should have no problems.


It also did not help. Perhaps it is karma. :D


Well there is a caveat here. What is the name of the folder containing Magneto's mod? Because if it is "z____Super light Asphalt...", that folder is loading later than z____MGB mods, so that could be your problem. In which case, I'd recommend the following load order:

z___NAM (Default - Unmodified).
z___Super Light Asphalt... (3 underscores)
z____MGB Mods. (4 underscores)

My folder should be loading after Magneto's mod. If it does, then the override file should work.


Folder "z___Super Light Asphalt" is in "z___NAM" folder (It is written in the Read Me), but otherwise I have everything as you write, but it does not work. And if I transfer the folder SLA in the root of the Plugins folder - it does not change anything, it does not work. :'(
It seems to me that this problem does not deserve such work. I'll live with it. :)