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Orange's office study

Started by Orange_o_, October 01, 2009, 03:21:03 PM

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  • Name : Orange
  • First Name : David
  • Age : 31 Years
  • Sex : Man

  • Function : BATer
  • Playground : Triomphal Way

The evolutive map :

1. La Pyramide du Louvre

The Louvre Pyramid is a large glass and metal pyramid, surrounded by three smaller pyramids, in the main courtyard (Cour Napoleon) of the Louvre Palace (Palais du Louvre) in Paris.
The large pyramid serves as the main entrance to the Louvre Museum. Completed in 1989, it has become a landmark for the city of Paris.

Commissioned by then French president François Mitterrand in 1984, it was designed by the architect I. M. Pei, who is responsible for the design of the Miho Museum in Japan among others.
The structure, which was constructed entirely with glass segments, reaches a height of 20.6 meters (about 70 feet); its square base has sides of 35 meters (115 ft).
It consists of 603 rhombus-shaped and 70 triangular glass segments.The pyramid and the underground lobby underneath it were created because of a series of problems with the Louvre's original main entrance,
which could no longer handle an enormous number of visitors on an everyday basis. Visitors entering through the pyramid descend into the spacious lobby then re-ascend into the main Louvre buildings.

The SC4 Project :

Size BAT: 101,30m x 120,60m(Between the wings of the Louvre)
Size Lot: 7x8 tiles

2. The Concorde Place

The SC4 Project :

Size Lot : 18 x 12 (+ avenue)

The original pic

The photoshopped pic

The adapted texture

we made the decisions to Bat throughout the Place de la Concorde, to make the lot more realistic.    
For the moment, I realized the textures and start bating pavements.

3. The GrandPalais

The Grand Palais ("Big Palace") is a large glass exhibition hall that was built for the Paris Exhibition of 1900. It is located in the 8e arrondissement of Paris, France.
Built at the same time as the Petit Palais and the Pont Alexandre III, four architects were involved: the main facade was the work of Henri Deglane,
the opposite side the work of Albert-Félix-Théophile Thomas, the interior and the other two ends given to Albert Louvet, with the entire job supervised by Charles Girault.
(All four had been winners of the Prix de Rome for architecture.)
The building facade is a prototypical example of Beaux-Arts architecture, and the main roof is an expanse of steel and glass.
All of the exterior of this massive palace combines an imposing Classical stone façade with a riot of Art Nouveau ironwork, and a number of allegorical statue groups
including work by sculptors Paul Gasq and Alfred Boucher. Two monumental bronze quadrigas by Georges Récipon terminate each wing of the main facade.

The SC4 Project :

Size BAT : 247m x 280 m
Size Lot : 16 x 18 tiles

it' s all .... for the moment  ;)


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Hi David ,

Of course these pictures of your work aren't a surprise , have already seen some others more advanced of your work , but I can't  get tired of them .

1 - The Pyramid is just perfect , I think that its modern & sharp look will contrast perfectely with Carlos' work , just like the real one in the main courtyard  of Le Louvre  contrasts with its « classic » environment .
May I request a night view ?  ;D

2 -  Your work about Place de la Concorde is showing , next to your BATing skill , another great skill for graphic programs ... when , like me , your're not familiarized with , that's simply magical ...  ::)

3 - The Grand Palais ... The pictures you sent to me were a real shock . Whatever I already thought about your BATing skill , I know this is your very first « classic » BAT , and someone else would have been asking me «  From who that BAT is ? » , I would have replied with no doubt « Debussyman » ...  I don't think  that Carlos himself will contradict me on that point .  ;)

I want to  publicly  attest that , if Le Louvre from Carlos will be the most impressive BAT ever released for SC4 , without your determination and contagious incredible enthusiasm for this project ... well , that project wouldn't have finally bloomed .

Humbly ,


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The glass pyramid looks AMAZING! As do the rest of the pictures. However, on the pyramid, I wonder if the glass should have a little less transparency, because it looks a little like an empty frame, so if there was a slight tint to it (un peu vert?), it might look a little better. Also, I don't think the texture for the water is quite right?

Ahh, those photos take me back to my last trip to Paris, in January this year - it was freezing.

Luckily I will be returning, in 2011 for a school trip with my french class.

I especially look forward to the progress on the Grand Palais, and the Place de la Concorde, you have taken a fascinating method.
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I miss you, Adrian


I still just love this pyramide you made. It's astonishing the way you rendered it. So real!


Joelyboy : you're right, there is no glass on the pyramid, because Gmax can not handle transparent textures like glass. the sun does not pass through. All my creation are make with Gmax, but for the Grand Palais, I think I should work with 3dsmax. the most difficult being the export file format.  &mmm

: Well, here is a picture of night and a day. It lacks only the fountains, I work on LODS complex in order to incorporate effect prop.

Since we are limited to images of 1024px, I reduce the image, but the Pyramid is in HD

Characters on the esplanade are props to add on the BAT

Thank's for the compliment to the Grand Palais, but but I have not all the talent of Debussyman.

Thank's Vincent ;)


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this has slightly baffled me, it looks great and so real
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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WC_EEND thank you very much, I try to work with photorealistic textures to be as close to reality

Here is my work on the Fountains of the Pyramid. I created an independent prop, so it can be reused in other lots. The main problem was to animate the fountain with effects props. But if I let unchanged LODS, jets of water are found behind the fountain. I wanted them to be inside.

To achieve this, I created special LODS like this:

The fountain :

The special LODs :


The tubes will allow to project while FSH on Lods, while leaving room to the effects props in the middle of foutain. And the result is :

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Awesome work !!! &apls &apls



thank's Citymax   

Some time ago I was asked where I found the texture to the water, here is the picture showing the creation of texture


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Just wonderful David! &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Awsome work my pintade

congratulations  &apls &apls &apls
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Quote from: Orange_o_ on October 02, 2009, 03:30:53 PM
Joelyboy : you're right, there is no glass on the pyramid, because Gmax can not handle transparent textures like glass. the sun does not pass through. All my creation are make with Gmax, but for the Grand Palais, I think I should work with 3dsmax. the most difficult being the export file format.  &mmm

You could render the glass part seperately and make it semitransparent, I know this method has been used before - you could ask Cogeo, I think he used it on his train stations. It does make the lot more complex, and it would also probably mean that all parts would need complex LODs which would increase lag on slow computers (like mine  :'() and I think it would also increase the filesize.

Either way, It looks great!  &apls
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I miss you, Adrian


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I love to see you at work David ...  :P

How can we believe this is just a game when people like you show such professional ethic  ... your attention to details , textures , props , LODs (for LotEditors ) , everything is exemplary .

A few suggestions :

I love the idea of  that crowd as a separated prop , maybe that one timed for day time, and an another , smaller , timed for night time ...
And , on a side note , those are the the best BATed  personages I've seen so far , they don't look just like too much colorful ( that's also the problem of cars ) scarecrows like many others and if I'm impatient to see how they match with MAXIS'ones - which are so far the best ones - ,  you seem to be very talented for and should create a set with groups of people as props for your Pack Vol02 to come ... really , this is something you should study , as I (and I'm surely not the only one ) would need variety when the time to add life comes .

The Pyramid at night is just like the Pyramid at day : wonderful .

Cédric .

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Wow, these are some fantastic Bats &apls. Goosebumps all over. I can't wait to plop these in my cities. Magnifique!


All your BATs look wonderful  &apls

And as Cédric said, the people props are particularly nice, however small they might be  ::) but, maybe, if it's not too much to ask, you could animate them a little, like maxis "exploritoriums" and "small crowds", to give them more life.

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Very great job Orange  &apls
This pyramid is magnificent  :o


The Louvre pyramid looks fantastic indeed! I agree on the glass transparency thingy, that should be fixed. Another slight issue is the SC4 perspective - on the first glance, the pyramidal shape is very hard to see - I wonder if you could scale up the Z axis just a tiny bit, so it becomes clearer what we see here. Or maybe pronouncing the vertical edges a bit more? You could also lower the saturation of the water basins a bit, so they don't distract from the pyramid that much. What I really love is the fountain prop - excellent design, and very well done technically. Together with the fountain effect, it looks totally convincing, despite being a static prop. I predict that we will see this prop showing up on other fountains as well. :)


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As great as it is to see your work, it's even better to see how you create it!  Awesome!

Check out Abelfarei!