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Started by citymax, October 03, 2009, 02:23:12 PM

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Hi everybody! Here, I'll show you my creations for "the triumphal way":

Presentation :

name : Maxime
age : 18
city : Perpignan (FRANCE)

BATs :

To start, i'll show you 3 props for badsim, for the Concorde Place



L'atelier d'architecture
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Very good start  :thumbsup:
There will be a nightlight version? If yes, we can see  ;D


Thanks for you ^^

There aren't fix textures because it's just a perspective view  ;D

Enjoy !!


This is juste beautiful!! &apls
Congrats Maxime!

Guillaume :thumbsup:
L'atelier d'architecture
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Good job, beautifull props  &apls
We come not to read what is written on the newpapers  ;D


Hi  Maxime ,

Great set of props for the Champs Elysées ... some of them are other versions of Porkissmo's ones but that's good for variety , with a better rendering (HD) and I even prefer your Meurice Column model than his ...

I don't know if you did care attention about these fences I added to Place de La Concorde ... a japanese prop underscaled ,

... and once more , your is definitely better .

That said , if the models for big Champs Elysées streetlamps are very good , I think you should make them higher ...

... and maybe you should add the french ceremonial flags ... despite the fact I've got already a proper prop for that . It would decrease the number of props needed for the concerned Lots to come . Maybe a  With and a Without version ?

Anyway , superb work . &apls

I'm really lucky to have such a team . :thumbsup:


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These look wonderful!  &apls I cant wait to see more!
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Earth quake

I really like this new props.
Simply awesome and more realistic.


Great props Maxime! They will sure look very good along the Champs Elysées :thumbsup:
Looking forward to further updates :)

Regards Iskrem


somptuous props  :o
Fantastic job my friend !  &apls


thanks all ;)

@badsim: thanks I've change height of the flag bearer ;)


I've already said that I was very impressed?   &apls

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nice job, are the props going to be HD-rendered?
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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Hi everybody, I've uploaded the props at Simtro and Toutsimcities

Enjoy ;) !


Wow, as I said on Stex i love these props. Very useful in lotting, and very original, for example this book stand. Can't wait for more :)


Great prop pack Citymax :thumbsup:
These props will go great together with Porkissimos old ones.
Looking forward to see more of your great work for this wonderful project.

Regards Iskrem


Thanks for releasing the props!  :thumbsup:
"If Kyle has 3 apples and is shorter that John who has 7 and if John is taller than Jenny who just graduated from Harvard, how old is Karen?"



Hi Maxime ,

Firstly , I have to congratulate you for the high quality of your props ... they've became absolutely  indispensable for this project . :thumbsup:
Simply , I can't dream about a better quality . &apls

Well , except for one of them ... ;D

It has been hard to find a proper picture about what I want to explain , but on that one , you can see the difference between the two models of streetlamps . The one on the foreground is perfect but the other one should be visibly higher ( while flags have all the same elevation ) ...

and that's not the case with your props :

This is the assemblage of props I made before the creation of yours and unfortunately I think to be closer to the reality ...

You should correct the texture too for that model as it is clearer than the current one , as it can be seen on that other picture :

I know it could be considered like minor details , but wouldn't it a pity  to have such  quality and inaccuracy at the same time ? ::)

Please , reconsider that particular Model ...

Thank you . :thumbsup:


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All those props are realy realy nice &apls.

Cédric, your tast for detail is exquisite and your observation ability is stunning, I've got a good feeling about the end of this story........
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