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Title: Winter versions of two Maxis shrubs
Post by: N1_2888 on September 07, 2021, 05:41:59 PM
I want to make two Maxis flora props seasonal: "Quarterbush_2833" and "Halfbush_1EDE". I've already created an Autumn version of the former, but unfortunately fail to add a (snow-free) Winter version. I'm really incapable of BATting organic forms which should be a rather easy job for those who can (due to the tininess of these two props). ;)

Why the hell do I need seasonal, in particular Winter versions of two ordinary Maxis props? Well, I think they perfectly go with formal gardens. My current project is well underway, but still lacks one of these props:
( (

To have an idea of where the props are supposed to be placed, I show you this, well, "plan" or whatever you want to call it:
The dark-green circles represent the "Quarterbushes". (Gmax is a quite useful tool, isn't it? ::) )