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the vernacular trend

Started by superhands, August 07, 2008, 09:51:01 AM

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Perhaps one day i'll get to finish these projects, in the meantime,
here's something else:

it measures out to be 1x4tiles.
a few minor changes from the real life model, and still some work to be done in areas.
whitest making this, it occurred to me sc4 is missing post offices. perhaps the next line of creation?     



This one has been on my cards for a long time. so far, so happy:



now ingame:

before the final render, i plan on adjusting the intensity of the textures a bit, fixing up the street side wall, and perhaps tweaking the back wall a little.

function wise, it is serving as a library which is near practical to real life.




Very Nice! I hope this will be made available soon! Not only are post offices (especially old architecture ones) rare for Simcity, it is also a corner building, which is needed! :)

Thank-you! &apls


hea thanks :thumbsup:

fired up the bat today and began doodling:

I was aiming to create a modern police station but we'll see how this one ends up ;D


well now, I've made the switch to 3ds max and loving it :)

and to familiarise myself with the program, I've chosen a nice simple geometric building.

this is 8 exhibitionist st, Melbourne.  Ernst & Young being the primary occupiers. the lot will most likely be a 4x4 corner. 

a handful of items to be done. such as roof junk, the '&' needs working and the parapets are so far non-existent. 

for those of who who may not know, the tower is an addition to the Herald Sun building, in which in the above render, would feature underneath the yellow columns.
as this building is all ready batted, I'm thinking perhaps a modernist façade to accompany the domineering cube.

the one thing i would like to get right first time around is the glass texture, and ive seen some very nice examples of this among the batty community  :P
I really need to get my head around how materials/textures are handled in max, although  being quite similar to gmax.



Very interesting. Especially because it's my name  $%Grinno$% .
Great Building though. I'd like to see more


What is the status on the post office?


hmm the post office  :P i actually forgot about that until yesterday... just needs nightlights, lot properties and it should be read to go in say a week with out delays.

using bing maps i can see what's really going on in terms of those pesky aircon units ect... and the Sun building should look familiar

personally i think this extensive structure is unresponsive to the Sun building in RL and is just to abrupt, although both look pleasing to the eye separated on their own parcel of land.  :o


Thank-you for not totally putting the post office on the back burner, I am a big fan of historic structures and already reserved a spot in my city for your building ;)

In terms of your newest project i had no idea that was the structure on top of the Herald Sun building, it is so weird how we'll potentially have both these "sections" of the building in the game now, but as separate structures. haha. Good Luck with this new project :)


Just found your thread today.... great work. I would love to see your w2w uploaded.


thanks for the comments.

well we all get easily distracted.

Dwyer Durack House in Perth has recently had cladding works carried out, which i assume is for the chogum meeting in a few months.
the structure was until recently looking worse for wear. Originally the exterior assumed pebble bash/terrazzo-built in the 70s. 
this building appears small enough yet still a challenge to master in the bat system. Im still deciding if i like the building- yet it would look nice in a downtown sc4 city.

the cladding system introduced has created the highest gloss finish i have ever seen on a building, apart from fully glassed exteriors that is :P

below is the link to the photo i took recently:

as you can see the structure is coming up to completion:

I'm hoping this will be a corner 2x2 tile job, and looking at a 4m building set back, with two entrances on each road facing side.
In real life the north side has no windows but in this version it will have windows...

haha and yes i hope this one will make it to a finished release grade before things get to busy again!