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How to change base textures

Started by art128, October 24, 2012, 07:53:54 AM

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Hello, first of all this tutorial was made by Youcef69k from ToutSimCities [link]. With his authorization I am now translating this very useful tutorial into English.


So in this tutorial, we are going to see how to create our own sidewalk mod, as well as to change base textures into one.

Required material for this first part:

- Simcity 4 deluxe or Rush Hour
- SC4Tool
- A sidewalk texture, 128*128 pixels, preferably .bmp

Firstly, you'll need a .dat file already containing textures. If you already have one with your own textures, please skip this step

If you don't, simply take one in your plugins, preferably one with a few textures inside as we will delete them. Copy it with another name ( such as " my_own_textures " ) and put it in a " xxxx " folder in you plugins.

Let's start:

1) Open SC4 tool and go into Texture editor

2) Open your .dat file with the textures

3) We are going to delete the textures so that we can add our own. Choose all BUT ONE textures and delete them. Please be careful to let ONE texture in this .dat file.

4) Click on the " add texture " button

5) Here you get this window. Follow these steps:

   1 - Check " traffic texture
   2 - Use this icon to choose your texture (.bmp)
   3 - Click on this little camera, it will re-size automatically the textures.
   4 - Check the ignore case so that we can add an IID.
   5 - Here, enter the following IID: 0x08100000
   6 - Click Ok

6) Do these steps again but with the IID 0x08200000 and 0x08300000, giving you a total of three textures.

7) You can now delete the texture left from the beginning.

8) Leave SC4 Tool and good game!

PART 2 - Take a texture from the game

Required materiel for this second part:
- SimCity 4 Deluxe or Rush Hour
- Lot Editor
- Illive's Reader
- LE FiSHman

Firstly, open the LOT editor and open whatever lot you want. Put the base texture you want to use. Not the IID of the texture somewhere (hover the mouse on the texture to see the IID, if it doesn't appear, make sure you are in the base texture tab), note the IID and leave the lot editor.

Here we go:

Open the Illive's reader, and then the .dat file in which the texture you want is.[you have to know which one, for example BSC texture volume 1 etc] Sort by instance, and find the IID you want [here we'll take fc782dda]

Once you have found it, take the biggest one. When found, do Right clic > save selected file(s)

You should see a message like that, telling you where the file has been saved. if not, it should be at the same place the .dat file you opened is.

Leave the Reader.
Two files appeared, one .fsh and one .tgi [the last one which is useless here, you can delete it]

Open the FSHman, then open your .fsh file.
Once opened, right click the picture > Export > color...

You are now in the final phase. Put as name image for example, but make sure you choose " windows bitmap " as file format.

PART 3: Create a .dat replacing numerous textures

Required material:
- SimCity 4 Deluxe or Rush Hour
- Lot Editor
- SC4Tool
- Your texture, 128*128pixels .bmp format

Let's start.

1) Open the lot editor and a lambda lot. Re-size it depending on how much textures you want to replace. Once you have lay down all the textures you wish to replace, not their IID. ( Once again hover the cursor over each one and their IID will appear at the bottom left hand corner. - if you don't see any IID, make sure you are in the Base texture tab)

2) Note all the IID on a piece of paper, note pad whatever you want.

3) Close the lot editor. Create a folder on your desktop, which you can name as you want. Put in this folder all your plugins, except your .dat file. Then put all the " Simcity_X.dat" (1 to 5) files which are in the game folders ( "C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe" )

Here we go:

1) Launch SC4 Tool and go to texture editor mode. Open your .dat file. Then click on add a texture

2) this window will appear, follow these steps:

   1 - Type here the IID of the first texture.
   2 - Check " Standard Texture "
   3 - Click on this icon to choose your texture. ( .bmp)
   4 - Click on the little camera to automatically re size it.
   5 - check ignore
   6 - Press Ok

3) repeat the second step with all the IID.

4) leave SC4 tool, replace all the plugins and Simcity_x.dat in their retrospective places. Verify that your .dat file is in a "zzzz......." folder.

That's all, it should be working.

In game you will see all the textures you have selected, replaced by the texture you want!
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Thanks a lot Arthur and Thanks a lot Youcef69k !!!

I did it !!! I followed step 1 to create my own sidewalk mod and then I followed step 3 to replace all textures without use L.E, and well here you can see the result, as you can see all texture were changed and just in a few seconds so thanks a lot for this useful tutorial my friends, for sure I will come back here in the future to change my textures again or to do another sidewalk mod, I think this is a good way to do cities with more personality !!

# Here you can see a picture of my region with my own texture

Thanks a lot my friend Arthur !!!

# Greetings / Saludos / Groeten  :thumbsup:

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