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Winners' Showcase

Started by tooheys, December 09, 2009, 02:06:22 AM

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The Winner and Placegetters of the Inaugaral
SC4d Thematic Comp

1st Place
Fabian 93

Welcome to Brunsdorf!

Brunsdorf, with merely 1200 inhabitants, is a rather small village in the Empire of Leviathan.
The village itself was first mentioned in 1273 due to the castle being build on a steep hill in that year.
Since 1978, Brunsdorf has a quite huge railway station. Most people would say, that it is too big for such a small village, but in fact it is not.
The railway station of Brunsdorf is the only train station in an area of 40kmĀ². This might sound unrealistic, but the train line mostly passes fields, but no other village.

Now let us have a look at the map (click on it if you want to see it without description):

Now we'll have a closer look at the village itself:

Church with it's Cemetery, Town hall and Town Plaza

Railway station

Railway station and Brunsdorf's small Shopping area, which features a small pub, too

A small soccer field - Home of Turn- und Sportverein Brunsdorf

The Old Tower - year of origin is unknown, it's probably the oldest building in that region

The Castle - once the home of Leviathan's Emperor


Hope you enjoyed your little trip to Brunsdorf :).
Last but not least, we'll have a look at the expenditure and income of Brunsdorf:


2nd Place
Yan 077

Welcome to Amandola

Amandola is a small Italian town situated in the Appenines mountains.
Population is approximatevely of 2,000.
The commune is bordered by the river "Bastella"
The town's charm and proximity to mediterranean beaches makes it a popular tourist destination during summer.
This little town is served by the national road 112 and a railway line.

Budget view


Church, townhall and shopping area

River Bastella

Nautical base

Railway line

A mosaic, and the park at the bottom

And some general views

3rd Place

Welcome in Cirey-sur-Moire.
This little city is in Meurthe-et-Moselle, in Lorraine, in north-east France.
Its population is 1,505 inhabitants by the latest census report (2006, INSEE)
The river which separtes Droncourt from Cirey-sur-Moire, is La Moire.
La Moire, tributary of the Meurthe, river which flows in Lorraine.
A railway cross this little village, and this railway link the two most important cities of Lorraine: Metz in Moselle and Nancy in Meurthe-et-Moselle.
There's two roads too: the D25 and the D18.

The budget of the village.

The general overview of the village.

(I hope it's not too tiny!)

The village's center. We can see the church and the cemetery on the middle.

Now, the railway station, and the church. We can see also the little park, behind the shopping area.

The railway station again, and front of it, the townhall and La Poste.

The south of the village.

The south again.

The Gendramerie nationale.

The Gendramerie nationale again.

The soccerfield of the FC Cirey-Droncourt.

Droncourt, overview.

Droncourt again.

La Moire.

Fields around the village.

I hope you like, Guillaume. :thumbsup:

The Instructions

Quote from: Nardo69 on November 06, 2009, 04:32:26 AM
Hello and Welcome to the First Thematic Competition here at SC4Devotion!

Almost on time with the third Anniversary of SC4Devotion a new Competition is starting!

After the great success of the Dorfwettbewerb (village competition) at www.simforum.de that I initiated and moderated we, the Sc4Devotion Thematic Competition Team thought why not trying it here on Sc4Devotion, too?

Thematic Competition means some players do the same theme with their own style. Unlike the Picture Competition in this competition village will compete against village and not against CBD, airport etc. But also unlike the Picture Competition you have the possibility to show more than "the one picture".

So, here are the rules:

1.   The village must be built upon a small tile (the smallest available in SC4).

2.   The tile is to be made by the entrants for use in this competition and therefore would not have been seen previously anywhere else.

3.   The tile must not be completely flat. There should be some obvious undulation in the landscape (river banks, shorelines etc do not count)

4.   Upon the tile build a village with a maximum population of 2,000 sims.

5.   The village is to lie along the shores of a body of water, whether sea, lake, river or creek. Water may be In-game, or TPW any kind of ploppable water or canals (or a combination).

6.   The village centre is to include the following:
-a church
-a cemetery
-a town hall
-a village shopping area and small town plaza/park
-a sports field

7.   The village is to have three road connections to neighbours. You may also add rail or hwy (ave, hwy, RHW) connections however the rail/hwy must be passing through the tile and not end in the village.

8.   The village must be functional and not purely eyecandy. You will be required to show a screenshot of the towns income and expenditure. We do not expect the village to be profitable however income must not be less than 60% of expenses. Income cheats are not to be used and you may be asked to explain any large income items that appear.

9.   Each participant is to show:
-1 overview pic showing the entire tile/city. Please mark on
the map the location of the buildings etc requested in 6

-1 pic showing the income/expenditure as outlined in point 8 above.

-At least 9 pictures of your village and surrounds (zoom 3, 4 or 5). All
of the buildings requested in 6 above must be shown in at
least one picture. Individual pictures are not required for
each as you maybe be able to show more than one in a
picture. Regardless, at least nine pictures are still required.

10.Entries are to be shown in an individual thread opened under
the Participants board. Entries Close Thursday 3 December 2009

Voting will be by poll and will be open to all members. The
poll will open 6 December 2009 and close 13 December 2009 (1)

The team will check the entrants if they met the rules or not. Each team member may take part in the competition, too, but concerning his very own entrant team members won't use their privileges and will be treated as all other entrant ny the remaining team members.

(1) If the total amount should be too big to handle we might have to split the fields into groups for a preliminary round. However this is just an option just in case of


The Winner and Placegetters of the
2nd SC4d Thematic Comp
February 2010

1st Place
Fabian 93

Quote from: tooheys on March 05, 2010, 04:53:21 PM

Welcome to the City of Vulhop!

Vulhop is a city in the Empire of Leviathan. With almost 2.520.000 it is one of the biggest cities in the Empire. It is not only well known for it's preservation of 19th century architecture, but also for it's modern buildings. The city is a mix of both and is considered as one of the most beautiful cities. In addition to that, Vulhop has the highest density of millionaires in Leviathan.

Anyway... let us have a look at the map of the city center, first:

The first thing you will probably notice is the boulevard, leading to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. On the bottom left you will find the second church, directly in front of the canal.
You might also spot the huge park with a small lake in it.

Now we'll have some closer looks as well:

I hope you liked the little tour,

Fabian :)

2nd Place
Quote from: tooheys on March 05, 2010, 05:13:41 PM
Ok, here is my final entry, subject to committee approval.

First the overview:

To the left you can see the Kaiser Wilhelm on its elevated site. At the other end of the
avenue is St Barts (although known by the locals as Little Willy)

Next are my additional pics with a piece of one of the two churches in each.

So something a little different to my normal style.
Hope you enjoy.


3rd Place
Quote from: tooheys on March 05, 2010, 05:01:08 PM
Here you go, for all your judging pleasure ;D

Here's the overview:

And the shots with the churches in them:
For some reason, most of the people in the plaza don't show up.

I was hoping to have more pictures, but due to technical difficulties with my laptop (I can't access the HD), this is all I've recovered that fits the rules. If you really like what you see, you can visit my MD (the last pages are dedicated to Grantview, the pics just don't fit the rules).
I hope that the pics I do have fit the rules. You can bet I'll be back for the 3rd Competion!

                       -Jordan :thumbsup:

The Instructions
Quote from: tooheys on November 05, 2009, 01:53:48 AM


The Thematic Competition is open to all members. Each Entrant is required to develop a quad structured around the rules outlined below. Other than the specific requirements determined for each comp, the entrant will be free to use their own style to complete the task. Unlike the Picture Competition, here you will be able to post a number of pic's to showcase your work and at the end the winner will be determined by poll open to all members. It is planned that the comp will be run once a quarter and the rules varied for each. In this regard, if you have any ideas for a future competition, feel free to PM the details to a committeee member.

If you have any queries regarding the rules below, feel free to PM the committee or post your question in the General Discussion thread.

Good luck everyone  :thumbsup:

1.Start a new small quad.

2.Build a town with the following cathedral as the central highlight


The building may be placed anywhere on the quad. Please note that no
relotting of the Kaiser Wilhelm cathedral is allowed.

3.Build a plaza in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm cathedral. (This is a minimum
requirement, the plaza can extend around the church if this fits into your plans.)

4. The town is also to include a smaller church of your choosing. It can be placed
anwhere except immediately next to the Kaiser Wilhelm cathedral. There must be
a gap of at least 10 tiles.

5.Buildings in the town are not to exceed the height of the Kaiser Wilhelm cathedral.
The committee may call for additional pics if we feel buildings are too high.

6. A waterway is to flow through the quad. This can be ingame water, TPW or
canal/river lots.

7.There are no budget restrictions for this comp. It does not matter whether the town
is functional, eyecandy or a mix of both. Cheats are permitted.

8.Your entry is to comprise a maximum of 13 pic's made of up the following:

-1 town overview pic.
-Up to 12 pic's detailing the catherdral, plaza, smaller church and surroundings.
Any zoom. Please note that the pic's highlighting the plaza and surroundings are to
include a recognisable part of either the cathedral or smaller church ie, a steeple,
one corner of the building, the roof etc. You do not need to label or highlight these
parts of the cathedral/church however the committee may ask for confirmation
should they not be easily recogonisable.
Clarification 7 Feb 2010 - this means every pic must show a part of either the Kaiser Wilhelm or smaller church

9.For Competition 2 photoshopping/enhancing of pic's is not permitted. This includes mosaics.
The following is allowed:
-cropping/cutting/resizing of pic's
-Additionally, soft sharpening may be used to restore shrunken images to their original look.
However, use it at your own risk. A picture that is deemed to look photoshopped may be
excluded by the committee. Best way to avoid that, don't use it unless it's necessary. We're
not looking to strike out pictures, but this competition is meant to be more about the city
building than the photoshopping

10. Comp commences 3 February 2010 and entries close 1 March 2010. This provides 4
weekends for those who are busy during the week. If you already have an entry thread
from the first comp you may continue to use it. New players feel free to open a new
entry thread. Any questions can be posted in the general discussion thread or if you prefer,
PM a member of the competition committee.

11. Voting will again be by poll and open to all members. The poll will be open for 7 days
commencing 3 March 2010. Depending on the number of entrants, each person will be able
to cast the following number of votes:

- less than 7 entrants : 1 vote
- 7 to 13 entrants : 2 votes
- 13+ entrants : 3 votes

Best of luck everyone

The Thematic Comp Committee