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March 21, 2023, 06:23:34 AM

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My .plan

Started by croxis, February 03, 2010, 08:47:18 AM

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X - completed
O - In progress

X - Add water
X - Labels for founded cities
X - Be able to click on and get info for founded cities
X - Delete own cities
X - Camera Rotation
X - Prototype 3


X - City labels look for terrain height for placement
X - Camera zoom
X - Fix camera Pan
X - Camera wont go below terrain
X - Refactor server logout/login handling
X - Warning when you have been disconnected from someone else signing in the same user name.
X - Optimize collision ray
X - Optimize water geometry
X - Start Logging system for server
X - City view mode
X - Prototype 4


X - New keyboard/mouse controller
X - Add keybinding camera movement
X - Add screen edge scrolling
X - Remove right click panning
X - Fix scroll off edge camera bug
X - Adjust water for city view
X - Client informs user if can not connect to server
X - - Replace GUI code (Interm for now)
X - Start Better Logging System for client
O - Further optimize region terrain view
X - Add pure python yaml
X -Prototype 5


X - Fix camera interaction with water (3 hours bug hunting to end up fixing 1 line where I was stupid)
X - Fix camera altitude behavior
X - Fix camera strategic zoom behavior
X - Implement upstream page terrain system OR develop simple paged terrain (as in, stupid simple).
X - Disable/enable ingame keybindings when entering text into a DirectText field
X - Convert to Panda virtual file system
X - Create small window to let people leave city
X - Make resize button optional in GUI code
X - Prototype 6


Fix any remaining bugs in terrain prototype
Merge construction layer into client code
Switch camera rotation to mouse pointer as focus - Postponed until I can figure out target effect
Add server code needed for holding construction information
Add network code needed
Rewrite user permission code
Add gui for managing user permissions in city
O - Further optimize region terrain view
CityMania Version 0.1 ?!?!

Develop package system