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March 31, 2023, 02:14:37 PM

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The Source Code

Started by croxis, February 08, 2010, 03:57:15 PM

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My branch is located here on github.


croxis I cannot download source code. It keeps timing out while performing "hardcore archiving action" (whatever it means).

Can you upload direct link to archive here. I need to see what you did to be able to merge construction layer code.
#define TRUE FALSE /*Happy debugging suckers*/


nosing around you havent touched on the siut coding, logic yet, while i know very little about coding, logic interactions and algorythmic thinking are skills i am pretty good at so i would love to help when you get to the iterative simulation programming, in terms of giving you ideas about what specific interactions need to be coded but basic engine work (however not basic it is ) is way out of my area of expertise so for now i will just watch in anticipation.
NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


We would love your help too :) I belive Tomkeus is planning on working on the simulation details, so he would be the one to contact.


well get him to drop me a PM when he wants to start hashing it out.
NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....