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Terrain Engine

Started by croxis, May 25, 2010, 10:31:03 AM

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These are the same exact texture files.


With Mipmapping:

So far the mipmapping not only improves the quality of the image, but the fps shot up 2.8x. I have one more improvement I wish to do that is a bit more code intensive, but should help performance as well.

Edit: Looks like the optimization I was aiming for isn't going to happen at this ti,e. Regardless, I am very happy with this improvement.


Sweeet, glad you got some speed up :D
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You make really an incredible work &apls

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croxis: add a directional light. It will look even nicer.
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There is one, it is just pointing straight down :D


Put it at around 45 degrees relative to the horizontal plane, and also add one weaker ambient light to lighten the shadow areas a bit. That's the setup I use. It looks good.
#define TRUE FALSE /*Happy debugging suckers*/