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February 07, 2023, 04:41:40 PM

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SFBT Releases

Started by Andreas, April 27, 2007, 04:25:02 PM

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Hi Larry,

As far as I know, the only Tram-on-road stops I can think of are found in the RTMT pack, v3.60, by Cogeo and Z (and some others). You'll have to use those, I think, and they can be found on the STEX by searching "RTMT" (w/o the quotes). I don't think any SFBT ones are available.
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It has been quite a while since something was posted here, but since Christmas is approaching, the SFBT got a little gift for you, made by skyscraper241. It's the Columbia Gas Building in Wheeling, West Virginia, a commerical office midrise.


Get it here from the LEX!


Love it....merry christmas too. Thank You


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How long have I been waiting. Thank you very much, Andreas!  :thumbsup:


This year's Christmas present is the Hotel Cail, a neoclassical building located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris that has been functioning as its council house (mairie) since 1926.

Merry Christmas!
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Those who read my BAT thread may not be surprised about this year's SFBT Christmas present. Anyway, I hope, you like it:

SFBT Stairs (and Embankment Walls)

Merry Christmas and sorry for the late gift giving to those, who have already celebrated Christmas yesterday (like in the country where I come from)! 

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If you want the left-hand stair to appear on the lot, please download the updated ZIP file or just change the prop ID in the lot exemplar to 0x4DEE8176. The updated ZIP file also includes some minor changes. My sincere apologies. :(

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After last year's one-day delay, this year's SFBT Christmas present is a day earlier (as a sort of compensation). :D

SFBT Place du Guatémala

Merry the day before Christmas Eve! $%Grinno$%

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Glad to see you guys are still going at it, we can never have enough W2W! :bnn: