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Started by Nique, February 03, 2009, 11:33:52 AM

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Works fine on my computer. :)  640x480 and fastest graphics.  The fan started running on this Inspiron 2650.

I really can't say anything about the programing.


It takes only 22mb of my memory here.
And yes, it takes up 100% cpu usage (25% on a quad core processor), of course it is not fine tuned. It should only update max 60 times a second (as you wont see the difference), the game-loop runs ~1500 times a seconds right now (so your processor has to do a lot of work). This explains why your fan starts running ;). Although .. The same happens when you run SC4... (not optimzed either).

We need to support multi core processors. I made this with Unity. Not that much of work .. but it shows that it is possible these days.. at least to clone the SC4 game itself.. with all the tools available. The biggest problem is, that most of us do not want a 'clone' but a next-gen game. And that is something we simply can't do..

For a sc4 clone i don't think we have to hire a set of 20 people to design models as this forum has enough 'artists' who want to share buildings too ;).

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This vid gives me hope for procedural stuff.. :)


(Constructive solid geometry). Maybe something for Tomkeus with his Construction Layer Protoype)
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Wow, the demo is great, really looks like SC4. :thumbsup: Works fine on my laptop (specs here) with best graphics and 1024x768 resolution.

3D isn't so important for me at least, it would just slow down the game and wouldn't actually offer so much, IMO SC4 has better graphics than Cities XL even though (and because) it isn't 3D. The grid is the only thing bothering me, it's really annoying when for example FAR roads take 3x2 tiles space.

Also, would it be possible to export the current SC4 buildings to this clone? Maybe we could just take pictures of buildings in-game in every angle and then cut the actual buildings from the pictures and finally use these pictures as buildings in this clone. Copyrights could be a problem, though.

Video about procedural roads is awesome, if something like that would actually make it's way to CityMania, CM would probably be the best city building game ever made.  :)
Has it really been almost 2 years?
Must return. :)


Dell Inspiron 2650.  Let's just say that it's selling point was that it is laptop that can play a DVD on a secondary monitor, and still function on the main screen!.  In SC4 language, it can play medium tiles with no trees or shadows.  City Detail? It's worth it.

Edit: Oh, and it cost $2000 in 2001.


works fine on on my laptop as well (1920x1080 resolution with best graphics)
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Works fine on my laptop with best graphics and 1024x768 resolution. Specs


I'm interested in this. Not making a given guarentee, but how would I port buildings into this game?


Glad to see the work has resumed.


Hello, there!

Straight up: I love games, love city building games and would love to help.

I have no C# programming skills, but I can do html/java/php/flash actionscript and work with advanced photoshop for textures, interface and also with 3D.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to this awesome project!