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March 28, 2023, 02:32:47 AM

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The " Did You Know.......?" Game

Started by JeeKTan, October 05, 2010, 04:03:04 AM

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Did you know ...
as today the second meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will take place in Hanoi (Vietnam) a barber from this city had the idea to offer both haircuts.

Shop owner Le Tuan Dong confessed so far he did 200 Kim Jong-un-haircuts but only 5 Donald Trump haircuts. Of course, with $43 you have to pay a high price for the Trump style which may explain the much lesser popularity.


Did you know ...

... the very first car of Barbie (doll) was an Austin Healey Mk III introduced to her world in 1962.

The more popular Tropical All Terrain Vehicle" with remote controll was introduced much later, in 1984.

But did you know why I'm telling this?

Just to warn you not to be confused.

This ...

... is no Barbie Tropical ATV!

This is the 2018 electric car "e-mehari" by Citroën with full plastic body.


Did you know ...
...there is a mysterious ring, shrouded in legend, that is passed for more than 200 years from one actor to the next when he dies. The wearer of the ring keeps it lifelong and chooses always the most worthily actor amongst the next generation to become his sucessor. First known wearer was August Wilhelm Iffland (1759 - 1814) from whom the ring got its name "Iffland Ring".

Last wearer was swiss actor Bruno Ganz, who passed away on february 19. 2019. Still it isn't known to whom the ring will be passed on. The sealed letter with the ring inside is part of the last will of Bruno Ganz which wasn't opened yet.


Did you know ...
the worst smelling chemical substance is Thioacetone ([CH3]2CS). It's so terrible smelling that until today it isn't deeply studied ... because no one wants to.

In 1889, an attempt to distill the chemical in a laboratory in Freiburg, Germany was followed by hundreds of cases of vomiting, nausea and unconsciousness in an area with a radius of 750 meters outside the laboratory due to the smell. The city was evacuated.

In 1967 two scientists from Esso Laboratories in Oxford tried again to destill Thioacetone. Sadly the kork popped from the test tube. Even they pulled it immediatly back both scientists were framed. For two month they had tostay isolated from work and family and society because just getting closer to ohter persons made those vomiting or faint.

It's because of the odor why Thioacetone is counted amongst the most dangerous chemicals on this planet.


Did you know,

end of this year Simmer2 will have more LIKES than the whole State of Tuvalu has CITIZENS.


did you know ...

that the story about the Thioacetone has many features in common with the story of the funniest joke in the world discovered by Ernest Scribbler. The joke was so funny that he died ... laughing. Since this occurred during WWII, the British military were particularly taken by its offensive possibilities so all through the winter of 1943 they had translators working, in joke-proof conditions, to try and produce a German version of the joke.

They worked on one word each for greater safety. During the translation one of them saw two words of the joke and spent several weeks in hospital. But apart from that things went pretty quickly, and they soon had the joke in a form which the allied troops couldn't understand but which the Germans could. This proved to be a decisive factor in turning the tide for the Allies.


Did you know ...

outside of SC4 community DAMN is a very interesting project: the , Disaster Alert Mediation using Nature. This project is led by Professor Martin Wikelski, ornithologist and behavioral scientist.

Worked up curiosity by sicilian shepards he mounted GPS-based motion detectors he had reviously used on birds on a rare race of goats grazing on the hillslopes of Mount Etna. Collecting data for several years he could prove that those goats days before a big eruption of the volcano changed behavior and move more and change their location.

So DAMN is all about to understand how animals have a presentiment for natural desasters and how their behavior could be used for an early warning system.

Information taken from here, pdf from the Max Planck Institute for Ornitology -  nice reading, interesting pictures:


Did you know,

the museum of modern art in Mannheim is not far away from the BASF, which I try to recreate at the moment? No. Stop. Wrong Story.  :-[

Did you know,

the museum of modern art in Mannheim features one of my most adored sculptures, the big fish by Constantine Brancusi. Oops. Where is my mind? Sorry. Wrong story again.

But did you know ...

the museum of modern art in Mannheim was founded out of nothing with the donations of a jewish couple named Julius and Henriette Aberle in 1907. So the task for the first directors of the museum was clear - to build up a collection from scratch and so they bought actual art during the first decades of the last century. Which was a very lucky coincidence as we know today - those were the decades of the "classic modern" and many of the artists like Munch, Manet, Klee, Ernst, Lembruck became famous.

But things changed and Nazis took over and they couldn't stand modern art at all and they fired the old director, collecting modern art, immediatly and installed their own director in 1936, named Walter Passarge.

Passarges first job was to make a list of prints and drawings which were examples for what Nazis called "degenerate art". And at the end until august 1937 roundabout 600 artworks were removed from the museum in Mannheim and destroyed or sold to foreign countries to fill the war chest.

What can't be explained very well until today – why many modern artworks weren't touched and remained in the museum. Why did the Nazis taking only a great part from the collection of so called "degenerate art" but then forgot to take away some of the finest, the most prestigious works? Especially those?

Last year, in 2018, a list was found made by Walter Passarge with exactly those artworks on it. Now - why this second list? Was it a secret list? It seems Passarge himself, the museum's director installed by the Nazis, decided to hide some of the artworks form his Nazis-friends to help them survive the barbarous cleaning. As if he loved art more than ideology. 

But this is only speculation.


Did you know,

In a controversial trial that will send shivers down the spines of so-called 'influencers', Instagram in Canada is set to remove the number of likes visible on photos and videos.

In their own words:
"We are testing this because we want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get"

What a novel idea


Did you know ...

in roundabout the same period between 1955 and 1975 Peter Alexander had 35 top 10 hits and the Beatles had 28 top 10 hits in germany.

It's estimated that 0,02 percent of all germans actively took part in the generation of 68, wearing mini skirts, demonstrating against vietnam war, interested in politics, dancing to beat music and having long hair etc.

That would fit to my own observation that I always see so much going-on in TV but outside my front door world doesn't seem to change. And most probably, if Peter Alexander was still alive and didn't change his boring style, he still would made top 10 hits.

And sometimes I'm afraid the same thing happened when we became democrats. You know ... 0,02 percent of all germans really took part ...


Did you know ...

it's good to have this forum back again.

And a french couple was arrested yesterday for stealing sand from a beach of Sardinia.

It's highly forbidden to take away sand from the beaches of Sardinia - if you are cought you may be sentenced up to 6 years in prison.

And the french couple was cought with 40 kilo of Sardinia's sand ...


Did you know ...

.... there is an island called "Pheasant Island" (French: Île des Faisans, Spanish: Isla de los Faisanes) in the middle of the Bidasoa river. From first of february until thirtyfirst of july this island is under
spanish gouvernement, from first of august until thirtyfirst of january it is under french gouvernement.
This is a result of the the Treaty of the Pyrenees from 1659.

So there is a proof IT IS POSSIBLE two countries sharing one territory peacefully.


Did you know ...

children under the age of 4 can't lie. The reason is an interesting relation: to lie you need empathy. You must understand what the expectations of your opposite are, his possible motivations and reactions, so to lie one must be able to put oneself in the position of someone else. Empathie is a very demanding cognitive task you have to learn and therefore children aren't able to lie.

Because of these complex intellectual conditions lying requires much energy. Needing much more energy results in needing more fresh blood flowing through the brain.

And this is the reason why liars often can be found guilty because they are sweating and getting a red face.


Did you know ...

around 1900 it was common practice to exhibit black people in zoos in germany?

It seems the origins of racism was the age of "Aufklärung" and in Germany - long before Hitler - when they made education the ideal and called white europeans more educated than african, asian and south american people.

This was a thought not by Nazis but by the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant.

And did you know ...

there were 6 million jewish people murdered by Nazis during the third reich. But going back in history a little more - it's estimated in german colonies in Africa there were murdered 20 million black people.

No one is save from racism. It's a general evil.


Did you know ...

I searched for "train" and got ....

... a "brain".

Those clever search engines. Must be because of the 50th anniversary of Monty  Pythons Flying Circus.

Basically this search engine stole the joke:

PILATE: All wight. I will give you one more chance. This time, I want to hear no 'Weuben's, no 'Weginald's, no 'Wudolph the Wed-nosed Weindeer's,...

BIGGUS: No 'Thpenther Trathy'th!

PILATE: ...or we shall welease no one!

JUDITH: Release Brian!

BOB: Oh, yeah. That's a good one.

MAN: Yeah.

BOB: Welease Bwian!

CROWD: Welease Bwian! Welease Bwian! laughing

PILATE: Vewy well. That's it.

CENTURION: Sir, we, uh-- we have got a 'Brian', sir.


CENTURION: Well, you just sent him for crucifixion, sir.

PILATE: Uh. Ah, wait! Wait! We do have a 'Bwian'! Well, go and wepwieve him, stwaight away.

CENTURION: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

PILATE: Vewy well! I shall... welease... Bwian!


Did you know,

in Germany in 2018 there were recoded 1800 incidents where birds interefered with airport traffic.


Did you know,

there is a small difference between SC4D and Wikipedia regarding operation funds. Wikipedia can spent 111,5 Mio $ on them. Annually.

Each year Wikipedia Germany spends 2.2 Million Euros on volunteers.  ()what() I mean, people doing their work for free – V O L U N T E E R S. Seems, german volunteers are quite expensive, aren't they?


Do you know,

I get the nagging feeling I'm playing this game like some sort of solitaire.

And there is a group of artists calling themselves "Cracking Art", founded in 1993. The name comes from the refining process when crude oil is cracked and you gain naphta, the basic material for creating plastic. This cracking transforms things from the natural state into an artificial state - so it is also the very basic action that an artist does. Therefore the name.

No wonder, this group loves to create with plastic sculptures and every installation is like an attack of big artificial animals to a city. Like artficial life invading and overruling the historic infrastructure.

If there would be another SimCity Version - this would be amongst my prefered desaster - attack of the giant plastic slugs!


Did you know ...

field experiments uncovered that testosterone level raises up to 40 percent amongst young male skaters if attractive women are watching. So also – of course – the risk for accidents raises with their presence.

Which makes me think the fact in ancient times women weren't allowed to watch sports events wasn't a law against women but to protect the athelets from their (uncontrollable) hormones?


Did you know ...

saltwater is a recommended agent against droplet infection? Clinic studies showed to inhale with 0,9 % salt solution reduces viruses in your breath for roundbout six hours distinctly so the risk of droplet infection in public can be reduced by almost 72 percent for a limited time?

Link only in german, sorry: