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March 20, 2023, 11:27:28 AM

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Quick question regarding Traffic Simulator Config Tool

Started by blink3020, January 14, 2011, 12:24:53 PM

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Hi everybody, I have a quick question regarding the traffic simulator config tool.

I installed NAM using the custom traffic simulator option. In my NAM folder, I have Traffic Plugin Z Ultra Custom.dat as well as volume data view Z ultra custom.dat. When I choose to save a custom config with the TSCT, it creates a .sav file (Traffic plugin Z ultra custom.sav).

My question is this: Do I need to keep the .dat files as well as the newly created .sav file or can i just use the .sav file for my traffic plugin?

Any help/further explanation would be much appreciated. Thanks!


The .sav file is a backup file only, the game is using the DAT files

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I a future release... Could this program also make building cohorts with capacity information?   This way one could make a station and assign it the parent cohort that this program makes.  Any time someone changes the capacities with this program then the cohorts are updated, and the station's capacities stay correct. 


This idea would not work well because it would have no effect on already plopped stations.  There is already a BSC-approved set of station capacities that work well with all network capacities; you can find this set listed in this post.  The best thing to do is to simply use these capacities when you build or modify a station; they will then never need changing.


That is a great post there.  There are some TE lots coming up for the LEX, so I will check the values there.

Totally makes sense: A RTMT only needs to be a maximum because the limit of the network is already defined. (5,000 sims will never drive down a vanilla street anyway).