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March 31, 2023, 02:56:51 PM

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Dat packer superceeded all my created props now most of my lots don't work

Started by justinrpg, February 26, 2011, 04:54:02 PM

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the only thing i packed into a dat is all my created stuff into "Justin RPG creations.dat" and there is no duplicates of anything of any kind... but for some reason dat packer thinks all my created props are a duplicate... which is total bologna... I didn't duplicate any of my props, and dat packer superceeded all of them, so i tested those lots and they don't work... What is causing Dat packer to think they are duplicates???

Note: only about 8 props i created weren't superceeded...


By what method did you make the props?

DatPacker supersedes things when they share the same TGI (Type, Group and Instance).  The Type of all props everywhere is the same.  The Group of your props should be unique to your computer.  Every model you drag over to "prop" in MaxisPM or PIMX will be given this Group.  The Instance is a dependent upon the second that the prop was created, and there are also 8 possible variations in that second.  The only way you will make a prop with a conflicting ID in PM is by making more than 8 in less than a second.

I imagine you copy/pasted the exemplars and didn't change the TGIs.  The best thing would be to remake all of your props using PIMX.


after running it again, I noticed that the superceeded files that were named like example.sc4model.sav so somehow there are extras that i don't see in the directory (hidden files setting on my computer are set to show) so even though show hidden files is enabled it is not showing the example.sc4model.sav in directory... to my surprise when i ran sc4 again they actually did work (at first i thought the didn't) but apparently dat packer must have edited the props properties... all my props i make, the previewable property is ALWAYS set to "true" but after dat packer packed them, all my props don't preview anymore (even though before dat packer packed them, they all did preview) all dat packed props are previewable no more

QUESTION 1: what are all these hidden example.sc4model.sav files that i didn't create doing there and causing dat packer to superceede them...

QUESTION 2: why is the previewable property changed after dat packer packed them


The .sav were probably made when you used SC4Tool to change properties, they are backups, and should not be in plugins (you can turn backups off in SC4tool).   In this case, I guess you changed the previewable to true, so your bakckup had it as false.  When you datpacked everything, the .savs superseded your .descs (because "s" comes after "d" in the alphabet), and you were back to your original files.


the prop zooms were correct after dat packing... all props (even the ones that were set to true in the first place are now not previewing) but my zoom flags change is still in effect, but my previewable is not working regardless if changed is sc4tool or originally set to true in PIM, either way it isn't working anymore...