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Aaron Graham's BATs

Started by Aaron Graham, February 28, 2011, 01:11:25 PM

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Agree with Reddon, the facade detail is splendid.
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It looks fantastic.  :thumbsup:
And the window frames are another nice detail. Will they be at all windows?


Nice work as always Aaron. Keep it up!  &apls


Great work!!  &apls I still think that the same building with white plastered walls would look terribly Los Angeles...


Why is there only gray around some windows and not all ?

Would love to see that crone (the concrete at the top) all around the building and not just the two walls.

Your work and the Arimus 3D youtubes (and others youtubes) has moved my modeling some way.

Started to rework some old bats that has collected a lot of duct. Realized, how far my modeling has gone.



The texturing is looking great so far as usual.  I'm guessing the other windows on the second floor will have a slightly different surrounding trim?  (The ones you made look great).

Aaron Graham

Thank you guys, I don't mean to be not as active. :(

NYBT 2295 Grand Concourse

I have done a little work on the building I still need to fix the windows on the back of the building, work on the details on the facade, and texture the damn thing, and it will be finished and ready for variations. I want to get back to making large apartment building, I need to work on building on Park Avenue, 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue 3ed avenue, 5th Avenue, Cental Park West, Broadway, and West End Avenue. :)

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