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The 3RR Page 100 speech

Started by sc4luv2, October 20, 2007, 04:50:42 AM

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 You can post... Speech is in bold (it's short and sweet)

A few minutes ago star.torturer has made us reach page 100. Since we are in three digits, I want to thank dedgren, the 3RR team, and everyone that posted for this to happen. dedgren gave us wonderful updates and wonderful maps along the way, he did a great job of making us reach this point. You never know, we could reach the 200th page 1 year from now, you just don't know until that time. I also thank burgsabre87 for his wonderful 3RR signs, hopefully he'll make more, I think this has gone far since the beginning, even far way back in ST, it has gone even longer. This is a great Mayor's Diary, to stay awhile, and have a great time.


Ryan B.

Well said!   &apls  Don't worry, though - there will be more signs coming from 3RRDOT.   :thumbsup: