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Street Lights for Double-Length RTMT NWM Stations?

Started by z, July 10, 2011, 06:23:26 PM

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Should the double-length versions of the new RTMT NWM stations come with street lights?



I first introduced street lights to the double-length RTMT Interim T-RAM stations.  There weren't many comments directed specifically at them, but in general, those that were were favorable.  I am considering adding street lights to the double-length RTMT NWM stations.  There isn't really room in the single-length stations, and the double-length stations would generally imply more activity; street lights would seem to be more appropriate there.  There would be one street light per tile, just as in the RTMT T-RAM stations.  Would people like to see these, or not?


I never have a problem with more lively night pics, I say go for it :)




I really like the idea of the street lights for the larger stations..
if you feel up to adding them , i think its a great idea personally..

Thanks, brian


Agreed. Stations need light!

Increases the safety of your sims (although the game may not recognise this!)