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March 31, 2023, 02:58:03 PM

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SFBT paths

Started by CabraBuitre, November 16, 2011, 09:11:52 PM

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I love these SFBT paths...

But the path themselves are the overlay... they aren't reverse overlay (i.e. the grass portion is overlayed, allowing the base texture to show through and be the path.)

This reverse overlay convention that is used for other path sets like the BSC set and it would allow for this set to be used in a uniform manner (the paths could be the same if they were reverse overlay).

Would it be possible for someone to create a modified version of these great paths in this way?

Check out Abelfarei!


And just to pique the interest a little bit... Here's what Kimcar did with them almost 4 years ago (second half of the post):

I think it really fills a niche that hasn't been fully utilized yet in terms of lot editing and creating!

Btw, that MD is just masterful... I've drawn so much inspiration from it and it really shows what can be done with the great things creators like the SFBT team have made over the years!

Check out Abelfarei!