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Import map with SC4Terraformer

Started by mightysword, March 07, 2012, 12:59:30 PM

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I'm having a hard time with SC4Terraformer and spent like 3 hours last night with it after giving up. I have followed the guide on how to import SC4M file on this site to the letter, but no joy.

The problem I have is somehow the map's elevation value is completely messed up when I load it into SC4T -they're all normalized to around sea level. For example, if I try to import a map with both a mountain peak and deep ocean, the heigh value for the hill is only 260-280ish while the ocean is only around 240ish. This is both for checking the value inside SC4T and the game. So once inside the game, hills and mountain are almost flat, and oceans/river are so shallow that they're like gigantic coast line. (and light blue with a thin veil of sand on top). Saving and load each city doesn't help.

Like I said I have follow the guide here to the letter, and basically touch nothing in SC4T.
+Specific the city folder with the config.bmp on load up.
+Import The SC4M file. (leaving scaling factor at default).
+Save the City.

So anyone have any idea? I'm using SC4M 1.1, and have tried 1.0c to the same result.


Try playing with the scaling factor.  A higher factor will produce more dramatic changes in elevation.  With some trial and error you can figure out what scale factor gives the look you want, then just save the region and you'll be good.

If you're using a real world region and want the elevations to be (more or less) exact, you can also do some math to figure out what scale factor to use by the method here.