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March 22, 2023, 09:20:50 PM

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terraformer does not open

Started by tief, March 09, 2012, 11:16:00 PM

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hello all
i am trying to open terraformer but i cannot see it.
i start the program, i get directed to a webpage, i choose the region folder, and thats it.
the program shows up in the windows proccesses (sometimes) but i cant actually see the program.
i have the directx installed, cim city 4000 deluxe and all the dlls in the windows32 folder.

im running windows xp, sp3

any ideas on what it could be and how to get the program to show?


G'Day Tief,

You need to download and install msvcp71.dll into the system32 directory.



Hi, sorry for bumping,
But I have the exact same problem, but I have installed both the required dll's, and have the right version of DirectX, any hints on how to fix it?


Sorry for the bump, but i have the same problem.
At first i´m sended to the online readme. After that it lets me choose my region folder and nothing happens afterwards. It does show in the task manager though.. i have downloaded and installed all the required files including that special msvcp71.dll.

I´m running on windows 7 64-bit.