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Mother Nature at her best!

Started by Jmouse, October 21, 2012, 02:27:48 PM

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For several years we've seen a lot of ho-hum seasonal changes, or even worse, changes marred by heavy rain, high winds, drought, ice, etc. But this year, Mother Nature decided to show off here in northeast Arkansas. My daughter Julie (jules), snapped these pictures Friday and she said I could share them with you. All I did was frame them and make a few minor corrections to the contrast.

These are personal favorites of mine:

The bark on that tree in the last shot really is black!

A few more fields:

A bit closer to home, this is what I see when I look out my breakfast room windows:

This is what we see when we get to the end of the driveway and prepare to turn left:

Or I can sit on the front porch and watch my neighbor's geese take a swim in the lake:

I hope you've enjoyed the show!



Wow. . . time I get to Arkansas, I figure. These are really inspiring pictures. Might take an idea or two from them for my game. Thanks for posting!



That, Joan is as flash as a rat with a gold tooth! Especially as I don't live somewhere that has seasonal colour variation.

But I do see something in common with you, I also live on a gravel road ;<) and a few acres. (No Pond)

Thanks for sharing this with us.



Beautiful pictures Joan! You really live in a beautiful area. Some SC4 inspiration could certainly be taken from these as well.


Thanks for your comments, folks. I'll pass them along to Julie. She has been studying Web site design and photography at the university, and I've always encouraged her interest in photography. I think she has an eye for it, just as her dad did.