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Vlasky going global BATs

Started by Vlasky, February 09, 2013, 08:07:40 AM

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Okay, could you then add some graffiti, dirt, or any other texture variation on the ground level just in case it grows next to an empty lot?



Looks great! Can't wait to see what happens with the first floors textures :)
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I am very excited about your thread here. The NYBT buildings are essential to my city and the 3rd Manhattanville pack is already one of my personal highlights this year. I am looking forward to the packaging plant. I just love this kind of buildings and there is never enough variety.  ;)
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Aaron Graham: Thank you AA :P :*
Swordmaster: I promise to do something about it. :)
MTT9: shopping windows should happen down there. :)
RickD: Thank you. And in the meantime, somethings did happen, so here it goes:

As you might have seen, Todd's Packaging Plant is available both on the STEX and LEX.
NYBT Midtown Theater is available on the STEX, but as my godfather on sc4d jmyers2043 had been unavailable for the RL reasons, NYBT Midtown Theater never got to the LEX. I did however submit a candidacy for it, so I'm waiting to be contacted about it. In the meantime you can get it on the STEX:


The building I showed before is on hold, because I can't do what I want with it, so it will be a bit while till I get to it. But I have started to work on the Daily News Building from NYC.

And here's a bit of detail that, will not be seen in the game due to the sc4 rendering limitations and level of detail game allows :)

Sorry to not be so quick to respond here and update you a bit more regularly, but my head's been all over thousand of places :P
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Looks promising! And a little bigger. You better render it 1024x1024 though so we can see the painstaking entrance detail you've done  $%Grinno$%


Don't worry about activity, everything here is long term :P

Love it!



I can wait for a good BAT and this one looks very promising.  :)
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Thanks folks. Everything you've seen here and in the NYBT OSITM Thread will be finished as soon as possible. But for now, after a month of haitus (because of my academic obligations) I am trying to get back to batting with a very simple and almost complete project :)

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Hmmm, interesting. But can't judge it fully with that plastic roof :P


Aaron Graham

Lovely work on both buildings buddy. :D
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The new brick building looks great! Only thing that strikes me as odd are the 1st floor corners, where you have garage doors right at the corner on both faces - seems like on at least one face the first door should be farther from the edge. Overall excellent building though!


Very nice BAT and congrats on your new home.....NYBT Place.

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Guys I will reply and explain everything previous but first urgent matter. I'm going to qoute my post from Simtropolis:

Hi everybody. Real life threw some things on me just when I was about to make my comeback. However, I am forced to make this post and statement, due to recent findings.

I know most of us just skip to pictures without reading first but please, I'd like to ask you to read the statement that I'm about to make, because it is of great importance to me.

Back in March 2011, I was working on Manhattanville Project with SimHoTToDDy and Francis90b. While researching historic images of the area I have spotted some very interesting lamp posts from that time in New York. I've researched more and got pretty into them so I made whole bunch of them, hoping some day I will find a way to replace standard lamp posts in game with the ones I've made. I showed them to Todd, Francesco and Amthaak when I made them, but pretty much they sat on my hard drive all this time. I am about to show them to you:

Those were 3 basic models that were supposed to correspond with wealth types of lamp posts in game. Other setups were contemplated as well:

At this point I will say it again, all of these models were based on the historic lamp posts from New York.

Since I didn't have the skill (and I still don't) to transfer them into game they just kept laying around. That is until there came Light Replacement Mod. About a year or more ago, I asked LRM creator, mandelsoft [Maarten] if there is a way to get these into the game and showed him the images of the models. I also offered to finish up the models and give them to him so that he can use them in LRM (with crediting me). He has told me that he is not interested in my lamp posts and that he can help me to learn how to create my my own mod and get them into the game.

Today, I have found out, by looking at the image Bipin has posted, a certain model of a lamp post:

Than I have found out that this lamp post is a part of LRM created by mandelsoft! I confronted him in the chat and he told me that it was faster to make them by himself and that he has changed his mind about the lamp posts.

This is certainly the first time I am in this situation, and I felt like I had to say something about it. This is unfair and unjust stealing of my idea. I am not writing this seeking credits, as models used in LRM are not mine but his, but with circumstances I do believe that this is stealing of intellectual property, and by that I do not mean the lamp posts, but the idea of these particular types of lampposts being used for this particular purpose.
And I do find it disrespectful that I have offered my, original models, to him just to be said that they're not suitable for this case, only for them to be recreated and used in that very case.

I am not seeking any credits now, but I do need this clarification to be out there.

Someone might think that we tend to have multiple models of the same objects so why is this such a big deal? It is because this is not the kind of thing where everybody do their Sears Tower version. It's widely known building. These particular types of lamp posts and the idea to bring them into the game wouldn't be around hadn't I made them for the game and showed them to him. So there were models, almost ready for the game, offered to the mod creator to use them, he declined by saying those types of lamp posts are no good for the game, only to go back on that, and without notifying me, to recreate them and use them.

That is hypocrisy, and direct deception. Stealing if you will.
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This is very wierd coming from Maarten, but those lamps certainly look like yours. Hopefully he can explain this himself and, if he made up his mind about it, use your models instead (which look awesome).
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Well, I explained to Vlasky over at the SimTropolis chat that at the time he asked this, I wasn't revising the LRM yet. So in the intermediate time between that conversation and the creation of the actual LRM, I decided to pick that style of lamppost anyway. I created the lamp posts again from scratch, as you can see that these lamps have a bit less detail than Vlasky's ones (I mean, my models are missing those fancy curly ornaments). Also, my lamp posts are black instead of green, so in that way you can see they are really different models.

There are also the following reasons for it why I used my own models:

- At the time I created the lampposts (in April 2013) themselves, Vlasky was hardly on the chat. If he was there, I could've asked him.
- LRM models ask a bit more than just simple BATting. I need to know where the lamp is (for the flare), I need the model to be in a certain rotation and I need very specific TGI IDs, which is the most restrictive aspect of the LRM.

The LRM v5 USA Set has been out for exactly five months now (since April 14). Why this complaint has risen right now, is a bit oblivious to me.

Stealing someone's idea is quite an acquisition to me, but ithe line between stealing an idea and just take inspiration from it. One can always wander around on Streetview looking for streetlights. Does that mean that I'm stealing someone's idea? Did I stole the idea for the Highway Re-Styling mod from a development thread I saw years ago which turned out to be a hoax in the end? Did I steal some Google Earth models just because I used them as a reference model to make my more advanced building models? Did I "steal" the LRM-idea from that same person who came up with that hoax, while she never came to a release at all? Did I steal the idea of making an asphalt MHW mod? Did I steal the idea for making Euro Textures? Did I steal the idea of making signage for SimCity 4? Did I hijack Project Symphony? And if so, is that really that bad? Think about that...

Anyway, that's my point of view, and I think this clarifies the case a bit ;)

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QuoteThis is unfair and unjust stealing of my idea. I am not writing this seeking credits, as models used in LRM are not mine but his, but with circumstances I do believe that this is stealing of intellectual property, and by that I do not mean the lamp posts, but the idea of these particular types of lampposts being used for this particular purpose.

While I understand you felt bypassed when you saw the light poles which bare a strong resemblance to yours, it's somethings else to wager theft of intellectual property. If only for the fact that the actual intellectual property (i.e. the design) isn't yours. You made a virtual copy of it, which is not to take away from you batting skills in anyway.

As for 'the idea of these particular types of lampposts being used for this particular purpose'. Sorry to say but I'm hard pressed to call this 'your' idea. Rather it's a variation in execution. The idea itself, to bring light poles in game has been around for some time. Heck, it's a game feature of which Maxis holds the intellectual property rights. The particular models you recreated are just a variation on a theme (which again is not to degrade them in anyway. There're very pretty).

That said, Maarten, despite the legitimate reasons for creating your own models rather than use Vlasky's, it still would've been nice if you had contacted him beforehand. Not being on the chat is a poor excuse as you could've easily send Vlasky a PM to ask if it was okay. It's unfortunate Vlasky had to learn you did use his models as inspiration after the fact. On the other hand, Vlasky, it means your models were so good it made Maarten change his mind.

Now kiss and make good you two.  :D
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Those are some lovely lamp post models  :thumbsup:  It's unfortunate that things turned out this way but I'm quite confident it is only a misunderstanding. While he perhaps could have handled things a bit better Maarten is a very good guy and certainly wouldn't attempt to steal and take credit for your idea. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it appears you've been flattered here  ;D

That all being said, I do hope your lamp posts make it into the game--they're really top-notch models.


On previous topic,

lol :P

Anyhow, yet another start for me. This time it should be different. In my attempt to get back into BATting I started another NYC recreation, Maritime Exchange Building on 80 Broad street, lower Manhattan. I need to add few more details and the model will be finished. Than I'll start texturing it, and after it's finished, I plan on getting back to the sea walls firstly and than on finishing up Daily News building. Here's my progress:

Hope you like it.
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I do like it, indeed. :D

It looks like a very interesting model, I can't wait to see how it turns out. :)


I already know that this gonna be great! No doubts the finished model will be as detailed and stunning. And it's going right into Selbring once you release it :P
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