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March 21, 2023, 08:35:02 AM

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Game won't start

Started by unit2981, June 25, 2013, 07:31:06 AM

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Whenever I start Simcity 4 deluxe, I end up with a black screen. When I check it out on the task manager it says Gdriver window software not responding. I remember that simcity 4 works perfectly on my desktop so I don't know why it doesn't run on my laptop. I set it to compatibility mode and have downloaded directx 8.1, but it still doesn't work.
I have a lenovo t430 and the specs are:
Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit
Intel Core i5-3360M dual-core, 2.80 GHz, L2 Cache 2 x 256KB, L3 Cache 3MB
8 GB 1333 MHz DIMM RAM, 16 GB maximum
14.0" HD+ (1600 x 900), color, anti-glare, LED backlit, 250-nit display
Backlit keyboard
500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive
NVIDIA Optimus technology and auto-switch between discrete and integrated graphics
Intel HD Graphics 4000/ 1 GB Nvidia NVS 5400m
Dual-layer R/W DVD
Gigabit wired Ethernet network connection
Intel Centrino Ultimate N6300 3 x 3 802.11 a/g/n wireless / WWAN upgradable
Ports: Two USB 3.0, one always-on USB 2.0, VGA DB-15, Mini-DisplayPort, ExpressCard slot, and 4-in-1 Multiread card slot
UltraNav multi-touch Touchpad/TrackPoint pointing device
Integrated HD 720p resolution webcam camera

I would be overjoyed if someone could tell me what to do. Thank you :)

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Make sure you are running the game as Administrator (even if you are logged in with an account that has administrator rights).
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I don't know if this is really true, but simcity4 (vanilla and deluxe) never had a problem with Windows 7?
More probably is the administrator thing...


After how many time did you check the task manager?

Simcity 4 can take up quite some time to load at first because it has to read every goddamn pluggins one by one. The more GB of plugin you have, the more time it'll take.
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In the game folder, the plugin folder is empty, but in other folders (also marked simcity 4) I have all my plugins from my desktop. I don't think the game will go and retrieve stuff from another folder.
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I think it might, if you tell it to. Try the SC4 Launcher here, and choose the custom plugins destination option to change the plugins directory. I haven't tried it, though, so it might not work.
I can't really imagine that much of a reason for storing the plugins at a different location, (since you can have the My Documents folder distributed over multiple HDDs), but hopefully this option will work. I think the aforementioned program just changes the shortcut command line, but I don't know what that command is (else I'd share it here).
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I stored my plugins in a different folder because I haven't sorted through and updated them yet, I am not playing on my desktop anymore so I had to move my files out. Anyways, the game run folders and everything else did not match up, so I forced deleted the game and will reinstall it at a later time. I used my Chinese version of the game and it runs perfectly.
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After a bit more digging I found another instance of simcity 4 in my recycle bin, when I restored it all was normal. But my plugins seem to have vanished into thin air.  ()what() Well I think most of them are available online still, luckily I have a backup sitting around at home.
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Jammy Smith

I have read the thread completely, even I was facing the same problem with the Game SC4. I at-least reinstalled the game for about 4 to 5 times and got kick start to continue playing the Game. Then everything went fine for about 9 months until I upgraded my Graphic card NVIDIA 4GB ZOTAC GeForce GTX 970. There is small problem with the game, that is the sometime the building & roads which are built gets disappear. That makes me more aggravated while playing SC4.