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Could you fix the link to the Dependency Thread on the LEX upload page?

Started by Xyloxadoria, December 28, 2013, 10:44:24 AM

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I finished an upload and would like to put it on the LEX. I went to link my dependencies in the box for it on the LEX upload screen. There is a link below the box that says this:
"Dependencies for this lot. For more information about the required format, see this thread"

Because I've uploaded to the LEX before, I didn't need to click on the link, but just to make sure I did anyway. It links to the main page of the forums instead of a specific thread. Could you fix that so that myself and others could have a working reference there in the future?

P.S. If it does work for you, it might just be me. Just for reference, I use Chrome.
P.S. 2 Since im alredly making a topic i have a second question. Is there a filesize limit for LEX uploads? I have two 16MB files. Would they be too big?


Nope, it's not just you. I never got around to actually writing that piece of documentation. I will have a go at it tomorrow.

There is a soft limit at 20MB right now, due to limits set by the technologie we are using in the LEX backend. However, if you want to upload a larger file, you can send a PM to an active LEX admin, who can manually upload the file for you.
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Thanks for the help! I should be good with the filesize limit. If i just upload two separate files, they would both be 16MB and be under the limit (the only difference is Darknite/Maxisnite it would probably be easier having them separate to not confuse people)


Yup, that's perfectly fine. If you leave the dependencies section blank for now, I'll fill it in for you, as I'm still working on the tutorial ;)
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