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BSC LEX ... FAQ and some more.

Started by Colyn, January 10, 2007, 12:42:58 PM

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We are currently working on the backend of the main site and will address all these link issues as we go along ... thanks for you understanding and patience.

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I AM able to access the LEX by typing in the appropriate URL, so I've just used what was already in my history... but I did want to let you know that the botton over on the left-hand side of the screen that I saw before yesterday just simply isn't there anymore (like I typed yesterday... just want to clarify what the particular situation was!)

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Ok ... thanks ... the whole site is under review so hopefully we will catch these loose ends soon.
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Thank god! I felt so stupid aksing "But where IS the LEX then?", because I can't find it either from home nor work.

Is there anyway you could post an alternative way to register and login for those of us who can't access the link due to browser problems?

Really appriciate this effort by the way. I actually joined sc4devotion for the good custom content (but now I stick around for the good atmosphere) so this should be a really useful.  :thumbsup:

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Just a reminder to LEX users ... you should take a look at your "Download History" ... there is some valuable information there.  :satisfied:
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Umm, sorry if this was posted, but when I try to get to the LEX it says my Username or Password is wrong, although, it's correct. Can ayone help me?  /sad¬¬ Thank you in advance :-[ !

[New Reply] Thanks Barbyw! I apreciate the help!  :D
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KrazyCat: you need to register separately for the LEX. Your username is not in the database so register and wait for the email for activation.
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Ok ... due to severe abuse of our LEX by a small number of users we were forced to protect our bandwidth against pillage ...  :angrymore:

There is a new control system in place and the reality is that you may only download a specific file 3x per day ... why 3x ... well just incase you pick up a connection problem.  &mmm After the 3rd time you will get the Monkey   :-\ ... no Administrator or Moderator can help you if that happens ... you will have to wait 25 hours  ???  I am sorry but two users drained 1.6 Gig out of our bandwidth  ()sad() by downloading some files 27 times.  :'(

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Quote from: Colyn on February 12, 2007, 04:51:45 AM
...  ???  I am sorry but two users drained 1.6 Gig out of our bandwidth  ()sad() by downloading some files 27 times.  :'(

:o :o :o Did you at least found why was that?


Yep and the one guy denies that he did it at all ... so I am confronted with the dilemma ... do I believe the server and LEX log or not ?  &Thk/(
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Hey, Colyn, I just wanted to say that I support anything you folks have to do to "keep everybody honest" as they say. Even if it means a bit of an inconvenience, though I can't see how that would be for a legit user. Here's how I see it...if I try downloading a file and I mess up or my computer eats it or whatever, three shots in a day is enough for me to get it rectified. If I'm so out of it that I mess up three times in a row, well, that's the price I'm willing to pay for not having my act together...I can wait another day. Now if by some chance I try it the next day and I see that it's not my flakiness and that it's something more involved or something I can't quite figure out, I'm sure that if I posted or sent one of you a PM that it would be straightened out very quickly as you would either show me the error of my ways or you might notice that there was, in fact, something wrong with the server and it would be rectified asap.
   Just some thoughts from the peanut gallery. I don't think that your idea is unreasonable at all. In fact, the way I see it, the only "dilemma" you have is whether to keep the site cool for the mature, honest people that come here in appreciation of the talent and the atmosphere or you can start letting little stuff slide, waste a lot of bandwidth and have people taking advantage of the site and the good people that are dedicated to running and maintaining it for their own personal gains or agenda. And I would think, Colyn, that that would be a no-brainer.
   Do what you have to do, and don't think twice about it. Those of us here who take the site and your efforts seriously don't want anybody messing things up for you or us! I don't think there's a serious member here that would think your plan was unreasonable.
   Anyway, that's my $.05 U.S.
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Quotedo I believe the server and LEX log or not ?

...heh, "what do you believe, me or your lying eyes???

What Doc said, twice.

I find it very hard to credit the credit the explanation given over your server log.  Your solution doesn't seek to kill mosquitoes using nuclear weapons, either.  Frankly, if I saw a user who demonstrated a pattern of consistently DLing files three times each day, I'd get up close and personal about it real quick.

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Well there was a small login issue while we were do a overhaul of the LEX ... that should be resolved now.

A few new features ...

1. Images of packages that have been locked now shows as "LOCKED" ... so no need to go there ;)

2. The "Enhanced Search" is now active.

Thank you.
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A HUGE thank you for the enabling of the enhanced search options ...  :thumbsup:


I am really having a lot of fun browsing through the LEX ... so much so that I fear that the time will get away from me which will make certain other things that I would like to do impossible (^_^)!!!

Still, I do have a question ... is there some kind of method for isolating one category of mods at a time that I am overlooking?  Right now, I am interested in road transportation mods and it is rather frustrating to be forced into scrolling down and waiting for the list to finish loading every time I set my sight on a mod I am curious about.


You can search for "Mods - Transport" separately. You can find that category in the "LEX Category" section in the Power Search system.
Alternatively, click here for a link straight to the "Mods - Transport" category.
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I don't understand why when I select Forgot my password, I cannot seem to get the email that has the link to reset my password!!!  &hlp