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NYBT International Month

Started by Vlasky, June 01, 2015, 05:12:00 PM

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It will be a great BAT Aaron :)

My building is almost finished:

I have to add some things in the night view but it's mainly finished:


Great work seraf!!! &apls The night view looks fantastic already!!


Aaron - Wonderful work buddy. Looking forward to seeing the glass reflections progress some more. &apls

Seraf - Very professional looking result as we've come to expect from you. The nightlights are looking very nice. Suggest check them in-game make sure they aren't too dim though? They look great on the actual model  :thumbsup:

Vlasky - Come back please! Don't leave us hanging with another mostly finished masterpiece  :D
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Thanks guys! New York Life Insurance Company Annex is available on the STEX :)

On that happy note I'm back to my columns and cornices ;)