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March 21, 2023, 01:45:42 PM

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NYC Train Set for Cities Skylines

Started by Mr_Maison, July 09, 2015, 03:51:26 PM

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I made my first vehicle for the game. Thought I would share it here. I plan on making a train livery to honor SC4Devotion. I will post screens when the art is done. In the mean time.....

Workshop Link


Man they look amazing.It seems like i will have to build a NYC styled City soon in CS...
Love the Textures you used on the Trains. &apls

manga rivotra

In spite of the graphic limits of the Cities Skylines, your work is clearly exceptional and very creative. :)
I have never played CS, but, it is obvious that you lead the game on the good way: the way of the realism. :thumbsup:
Congratulations. &apls


Looks great. Maybe add some high light gradients to the corner.

Add the gradient to a seperat layer.
Play around if the blend mode, soft light would be a good one to start with.
Turn down the opacity.

If you need to have highlights to meet in a corner, you can get around this.
Mark out an area and fill it with any color. Set the fill to zero.
Then add inner glow or outer glow.

Don't be afraid to use more layers to get the effect you want.


Thanks for your positive feedbacks!

@manga rivotra- Thanks, I made it my mission to fight against the over-saturated game colors and look and "dirty" it up a little as well as use more realistic textures.

@Vester- Yeah, I didn't think of the edges highlights when I was modeling because I was busy worrying about poly count. I see what you're saying about highlights. I usually bevel my edges when making models to ensure proper highlights in edges. I'm gonna see how much more polys I end up with on these trains if I do that. I would rather have beveled edges so the light behaves properly than have baked on highlights. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


I do not play Skylines because of the silly graphics but, being on the lurk, I was curious to see what was going on on the forums. That is a spectacular mud you got going! Realistic and, together with other mods that are being developed, may make the game playable for me! Keep it up, mate!
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I wouldn't let the graphics put you off too much, it's not simply laziness on the part of the developer, it a necessary drawback of a fully 3D game. Short of running it with a ridiculous 6-8 core PC with NVidia Titans, probably in SLI changing the entire set of assests to crisp graphics is simply not practical right now. That said, these models are a fantastic indication of the possibilities. That first screenshot reminded me of GTA 3 for a moment, great stuff  :thumbsup:.


Thanks for those good works Mr_Maison, I already subscribed all of them  ;)
I like a detailed textures especially in your works  :thumbsup: