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[BAT4MAX][3DSMAX 1010] Wierd Exporting on Bat4Max

Started by phdzz, December 19, 2015, 05:50:45 PM

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Recently, I continued warship mod and old problems are successfully solved. However, some models are exported with omitting specific zoom mode (see attachments).

I loaded saved .max file to continue my modding work which had no problem. How can I solve it?


You should check out JasonCW's BAT Mega FAQ here, it contains solutions to a number of common problems when batting.

It looks to me like the UV values are set incorrectly in this zoom/orientation.


Start by merging the file into a new file. That sometimes helps on strange problems.


Well in this case I wouldn't, because that's a lot of effort compared to opening the SC4 Model file and verifying if the textures are correct or not. If the textures are fine, but the S3D preview of them is skewed like your picture, that'll be the UV mapping being incorrectly set. This is a surprisingly common problem and very simple to fix.


Firslty, your 3dsmax scale settings aren't set correctly for SC4. I don't know if it's intentional but they should be set the standard way as it's easier to model with it.

At the top, right click the left most red magnet button, it's the Grid and Snap settings menu. Under Home grid tab, put: Grid spacing 1, Major lines 16, perspective view grid anything that is a multiple of 16 (it's the number of SC4 tiles you see in the perspective viewport, 16 being only one.)

As Vester suggested, merge the model to a new scene. To do that , open a blank scene (don't forget the scale) and open the menu (3dsmax icon), then import > merge > your previous model file. Only select the objects from the ship itself (box etc, lights...) but DON'T select the LEDS and camera rigs (TB2Camera....., IES Sky.....)... Create new LODs and see if the problem is still here.
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