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March 21, 2023, 07:38:00 AM

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Some questions

Started by Golhbul, February 12, 2016, 04:04:29 PM

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I am trying to change a BAT and something blocking me ... I would have liked to know how to ensure that BAT (1x1 ) can be on the water and on land ... In order to place it on a riverbank .
I tried in LE.... impossible ...
On the reader ? Ok but then there I really need your help .
Tutorials to create MMP are in English and I do not understand ... Google translate is not good at translating this to me ... So if someone can explain to me in French that would be nice

thank you in advance

If you could answer in French it would help me more


I'm no fluent in french, but I'll give it a go (with visuals!)  ;D

1)  Using ILives Reader, select the lot exemplar file ... you should see a screen similar to this what you see below.
In the empty space below, right click with your mouse and select 'add property'

2)  In the pop up box, select 'LotConfigPropertyWaterCompatibility' under the 'name' field.

3)  In the 'values as text' field near the bottom, type '1', then push the first 'apply' button, then the next 'apply' button.

4)  You should see a new property under your lot exemplar.

5)  Finally, under the 'sub files' tab, select the 'ReIndex' option, then again under the 'sub files' tab, select 'Rebuild Directory File'.

6)  Last but not least, save your file (or save as).   :thumbsup:


 :thumbsup: Thanks a lot

A pictorial translation is worth more than words, as more understandable by all .... splendid

Only to find how to MMP

Thanks again