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March 31, 2023, 02:54:25 PM

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Prop packs for Mac?

Started by SimCity V6, April 02, 2017, 06:07:34 PM

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SimCity V6

Welcome back again.

Currently, as a Mac is my only real opportunity to play this game conveniently and with mods, I have been going through and adding all the usual addons to SC4. However, some of the most important of the bunch, unlocking an array of lots with proper props, are just about all restricted to Windows with their .exe files. Yes, sorry for my omnious random drumroll teaser here, but they are the BSC prop packs anyway. Are there any currently available for Mac, or if possible can they be modded to be compatible (or should I just stick to vanilla everything)?

Regards, SimCity V6/BatteryMill


I've never used a Mac, but from what I've read you need to use File Juicer to unpack them

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Yeah File Juicer will allow you to unpack the installers like a .zip file.

Most .exe installers can not be ran on a Mac, but most modders/creators use PCs, so this is not in their considerations. Not to mention, there really aren't any good multi-platform applications for creating installers that don't cost money.

Personally I use NSIS (same as the NAM), which packs the installer in such a way it can be opened with 7zip. But the bulk of the SC4 ones use the ClickTeam installers, which are frankly hateful for PC users IMO. Those will require File Juicer or something similar.

Option B: Run the installers in a Windows environment and the copy the extracted files.