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Playfield.Earth / Urban Management - Our new Approach in the City Builder genre

Started by playfieldearth, November 17, 2017, 06:15:05 AM

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Hello everyone

We would like to introduce you to our upcoming game Playfield. Earth / Urban Management.
PFE / Urban Management will be a mix of city builder and comprehensive city management.
We want to go completely new ways in this genre, the player takes over existing cities, districts, villages or metropolitan regions with all their characteristics, specifics and challenges.

PFE / Urban Management offers different sub-gameplays (game modes) that simulate all aspects of real urban planning, urban management and typical municipal politics:
- Urban planning
- Traffic & transport
- Public safety management
- Society management
- Economy & infrastructure management
- A mayor mode
- A multiplayer mode in which players take over a municipal government

Our trailer shows some of the pre-alpha builds and features we are planning:

We are looking forward to your opinions, ideas and criticisms.


Playfield.Earth / Urban Management and its individual game modes become very complex simulations based on a variety of data and values. 
We would like to give you an overview of how a city is fundamentally structured in PFE / Urban Management and which aspects will make it functional and lively.

Details of the individual levels:


These include aspects such as time, units, forms of energy, psychological factors such as happiness, selfishness, influence, anger, prestige, and factors that define potential resources.

Examples include relief, coordinates, hydrogeography and biogeography.

This level defines the occurrence of environmental aspects, values, infrastructure, dynamic objects and events in a given area.

This level defines weather, seasons, natural forces and atmosphere.

Properties and values
These include, for example, the use of land and buildings, political geography, the definition of social and population aspects, raw material deposits, ownership, economic data, or data on institutions, parties and groups.

Defines the shape and appearance of all types of buildings, traffic routes, energy networks, but also static objects such as trees, fences, waste bins, benches, traffic signs and stops.

Dynamic Objects
Vehicles, ships, trains and people are particularly noteworthy here.

Activities and Events
These are all factors that directly change data and values as well as dynamic objects, e. g.: environmental activities, energy and raw material consumption, social and political developments, legislation, passenger and traffic flows, as well as special events and missions.

We hope that we could give you an interesting overview and are looking forward to your questions and thoughts.