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Making a BAT from a real life building

Started by deanva, March 05, 2018, 08:43:08 PM

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What information or steps does one need to take a real life building Buckingham Palace for example and make a BAT copy for SimCity 4?


In order to create new buildings/models for SC4, you need a copy of SC4 BAT (which can be downloaded from the "Official Maxis Files" link on the left side). Making a 3D model is not an easy thing to do, unless you've some prior experience in this area. There is a good tutorial on making models for SC4 here, I suggest you take a look.


and then you need tons of reference material and some information on dimensions.
best thing that could happen is you have flat viewport pictures (left, right, front, back, top), in color, without obstructions like landscaping, cars, people etc.
worst thing that could happen is you rely on google maps and your imagination/memory.

and then you neeed time and patience to create and texture your 3d model.

... really, it is. I swear.