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City Building is trending --again

Started by evarburg, December 11, 2017, 09:07:46 PM

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Interesting video, but sadly none were what I would call as "City building." E.g. No new Sim City.

Interesting actually that even though there are quite many projects coming along that there are no sim city style game. I would describe most as Settler/banished or transport tycoon copies. If they bother to make so many retakes on these so why not a classic sim city with a modern twist?


The best building game (not "city-building", mind you) coming out these last few years was and is Banished, for me. A one man endeavour ; then the creator opened his game and batlotters flocked in -- the explosion in custom content is comparable to what happened with SimCity ; and yes, OK, CitySkyline.  Although it seems to me that batlotting for CS is not that hard. Am I mistaken ?